Why Knowing Your Body is Great For Improving Long-Term Health

As you get older, you are more tuned into how your body reacts to certain things in life. The way our systems work helps to deliver a range of warning signs that can help navigate your way to a healthier lifestyle. By ignoring these signs, you can also suffer the effects of ailments and an unhealthy lifestyle in the longer term. Trusting your gut is also another important aspect of knowing your body and helps to bring emotions and feelings into play when making choices about wellbeing and physical health. Knowing your body comes down to some simple areas to watch out for.


Balancing your diet


If you’ve ever experienced the feeling of bloat and low energy in your day-to-day lifestyle, this could be due to your diet. Your body knows when its eaten too much or not eaten enough of the right foods and starts to show you in how you physically and mentally feel. By changing your habits, you’ll begin to notice a difference in a short space of time and building on this will eliminate many of the significant things that may have affected your mood and energy levels during your bad diet.


Pushing yourself too hard


Exercise and fitness are essential to promote a healthy lifestyle, but there will be times that pushing yourself will take its toll on your body. You’ll spot signs that your body is running on empty and this may actually make you feel tired and weak due to overexertion. By recognizing when you need to slow down, whether this is at work or play will ensure you keep a healthy body and mind.


Changes in your body


Your body goes through changes at different times of your life and identifying these can help to spot anything unusual or out of character for your body. For women, common changes can highlight any signs of pregnancy or not, or in later life, it might bring to light the menopausal differences in your body. By honing in on your ability to identify changes or issues, this can help detect things early on and get you the help you need to change your lifestyle.


Improving your outlook


There are times in your life where things can start to get on top of you and taking a step back is needed to reassess the situation. This natural ability to spot problems before they turn into more significant issues is essential for preserving your mental health. By embracing your problem-solving skills, you can help to rebuild your own self-confidence and that of others to avoid falling deeper into negative emotion and destructive feelings.


The human body is a highly intelligent and sophisticated tool to help live our lives in the best possible way. By looking after it and treating it with respect, we can spot the signs when things start to affect its ability to function adequately. Taking the time to find yourself and tune into your instincts will help you discover a new outlook on healthy living.



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Mama Summit and the Clean Air Force Initiative

Though this is a sponsored post, all opinions are my own.

If you follow me on social media, you may have noticed that a week or so ago I was in Columbus learning a little bit about an organization called Moms Clean Air Force at a Mama Summit. Pretty much what it is, is this awesome group that organized some events across the country, that brought together their group and local leaders together to bring attention to issues and policies that impact clean air and children’s health. The discussions were focused on local officials who are willing to help take whatever necessary actions needed at the local level.

I can honestly say I was surprised at how much I learned – and how clueless I was about the effects of pollutants in our air, and how it effects our children. Not only their physical health, but their mental health as well. One of the speakers, who happened to be from the University of Cincinnati Children’s Hospital shared some research that they’ve been collecting locally for the last few years. The results are pretty staggering; and something needs to be done.

While you may think there isn’t much you can do as an individual – there is; and we all need to step up and do something.

Cities and individuals can implement a wide range of solutions to make sure our air is clean and our communities are resilient:

Commit to increasing the use of renewable energy citywide — pledge to get to 100% renewable
energy by a certain date. It’s forecasted that by 2030, wind and solar power will become the cheapest sources of
energy in the US. Since November 2016, the number of cities and towns that have committed to 100% renewable
energy has doubled, and several cities have already reached that goal.
Adopt and enforce an Anti-Idling Ordinance to improve air quality in areas frequented by children.
Mayors can advocate for internal policies that direct city employees, such as police officers, or parks maintenance,
to turn off their vehicles instead of idling, especially during the summer. Anti-Idling ordinances in areas near
schools, playgrounds, parks, daycares and hospitals reduce the number of respiratory illness, especially in children.
Create a climate action plan or sustainability plan. The first step in addressing a problem is identifying
it and planning for the future. Many cities have plans in place already. For sample climate action plans and
ordinances, see http://zeroenergyproject.org/advocate/model-climate-action-plans-ordinances/.
Retrofit city buildings for energy efficiency.
Help homeowners and renters weatherize their homes for energy efficiency.
Buy clean energy to heat and cool city buildings.
Transition to electric fleets of city buses and city-owned vehicles.
Plant more trees.
Make walking and biking easier and more appealing.
Ensure pesticide spraying does not use harmful chemicals that impact children’s

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Car Seat Safety: When to Upgrade Your Child’s Car Seat

The biggest concern when deciding to upgrade your child’s car seat is safety. You don’t want to upgrade too soon (or too late). But there are a few basic rules to follow so you know when to upgrade.

This post is sponsored by Dulles Kia Dealer Ashburn.

When They are Too Big for an Infant Seat. Most rear-facing baby seats (Or pumpkin seats as we like to call them) have a weight limit of 30 pounds but not height/length limits. Most of the time your baby will probably outgrow the rear facing seat because of how long they are before they out grow the weight limit. Try a convertible seat which can face front or back , and continue having your child face the rear seat until they reach the weight limit.

At One Year Old. Based on recent studies if your baby reaches their first birthday and still fit in the rear facing car seat the safest bet is to go ahead and upgrade to the convertible car seat and keep them rear facing. In stimulated tests it was found that 1 year old children were more likely to hit their head on the back of the front facing seat while in a rear facing infant seat than if they had been riding in a rear facing convertible seat.  

When The Car Seat Expires. Believe it or not years ago most people didn’t know that car seats expired – which is pretty important if you are saving seats to use from child to child, or buying a used seat. The owners manual or seat label will give you the ‘expiration’ date, and be sure to adhere to it. There’s a reason they expire!

When the Seats Been in an Accident. I didn’t know this either – and when my 5 month old was involved in an accident, our insurance company never even told us! Working in the insurance industry now I know that your insurance company will pay to replace the car seat with the same type or better model – you just have to turn the old car seat over to them. .and for the love of all, please don’t try to sell car seats that were involved in accidents! 

When You Just Know it’s Time. If your kid has outgrown their seat – then obviously it’s time to upgrade. But be very cautious; don’t just upgrade because you just want to, be sure it’s because you know your child is ready. It’s a big step upgrading from an infant to a convertible and an even bigger step upgrading a convertible to a booster. Make sure you know your facts, and check out awesome websites like healthychildren.org for more information.

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6 Things To Do If You Are Living With An Alcoholic

Living with an alcoholic can be a tough thing to do. The fact that the person you love is slowly destroying their life is something hard to deal with. This can also push you into severe depression and destroy the happiness in your life. So, if you have a family member who is addicted to alcohol, then the following tips will help you deal with the condition more effectively.

  1. Check Into A Rehab Program

The first thing to do is to enroll the alcoholic in a recovery program. They will likely be against this at first, but you have to find a way to coerce them into joining a treatment. Such programs are designed to help an alcoholic understand their basic motivations that drive them to become a heavy drinker. And this understanding can eventually make them see the mistake they are committing by being addicted to alcohol. If they display any signs of drug abuse, then you should definitely sign them up at a good drug and alcohol addiction recovery facility for more intense treatments.

  1. Don’t Try To Control It

It might be tempting to try to control your family member’s alcoholic behavior by yourself. But remember that it is an absolutely bad idea. When you set your mind at controlling their alcoholism, you will eventually have to set up some strict rules that may bring you into direct conflict with the person. And if it ends up in a serious fight, then the person is likely to shut themselves away from you. It is to prevent such interpersonal conflicts that it is advised that you avoid trying to control their alcoholic behavior. Instead, trust the professional therapists to do their job. Plus, if you oppose their drinking too much, then they will start drinking in secret. And this is much worse than drinking openly since you won’t know how much alcohol they are consuming.

  1. Don’t Expect Too Much

Avoid expecting too much from the alcoholic person since this can put unnecessary pressure on them which can drive them to become more addicted to alcohol. For example, if you sign them up for an alcohol recovery program, then be realistic as to how effective the program will be. If the therapist says that it would take about eight months for the alcoholic to show some improvement, then give your loved one eight months to start showing change. Don’t put pressure on them daily, expecting the person to cut back on alcohol after just two weeks into the program. When they are unable to do so, your disappointment will be a thorn that will cut through their heart. They will start seeing themselves as losers for never living up to your expectations. And eventually, they will start drinking more alcohol out of their self-destructive habit.

  1. Never Accept Immoral Behavior

Alcoholics have a higher tendency of engaging in immoral behavior. And if the alcoholic is a teenager, then you should be wary of such tendencies. According to reports, an alcoholic teenager is four times likelier than a non-drinker to steal an object outside their house. Their chances of breaking the law and being arrested is seven times more than teenagers who don’t drink.  As such, you should be very careful of never indulging in any immoral behavior from their part. Because if you do, then you might push them towards more criminal activities. So, if you catch them stealing money from your purse, reprimand them. Never turn a blind eye towards such actions.

  1. Don’t Take Their Actions Too Personally

Sometimes, the alcoholic person might say or do something that can hurt your feelings deeply. Be careful of not taking it too personally. Under the influence of alcohol, people tend to lose all sense of control. And they might hurt even the people that are very close to their heart. So, just brush away any such occurrences. If you start taking such negative actions seriously, then it will affect your state of mind. And in turn, the alcoholic may feel depressed at having emotionally hurt you, which can again increase their dependence on alcohol. So, have a strong enough mind to smile away their random insolent behavior.

  1. Never Enable Them

Finally, never enable the alcoholic. Enabling simply means that you prevent an alcoholic from fully experiencing consequences of their actions. This is bad since you avoid the alcoholic from ever knowing that their alcoholism is creating serious problems. In contrast, when an alcoholic experiences the negative consequences of their actions, then there is a better chance that they will seek to better themselves by getting rid of their alcoholism.


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Getting the Most Bang for Your Buck at the Gas Pump

Rumor has it that gas prices are going to skyrocket – just in time for summer. The news doesn’t have to put a damper on your summer plans though, there are plenty of ways you can get the most bang for your buck at the gas pump this summer.

This post is sponsored by Dulles Motorcars.

Use an App or Website to Check Prices. There are some amazing resources out there that will help you save money when it comes to gas prices. Apps like GasBuddy, or websites like AAA, Fuel Finder or Gas Guru will show you the prices at gas stations in your area so you know where to go – don’t you hate it when you fill up to go down a few block and find it cheaper? These sites/apps will help prevent those types of mistakes.

Pay Cash. Some gas stations (Depending on where you are) offer a discount if you pay cash versus a card. On average you can save  up to 10-15 cents a gallon when paying cash versus a card – and sometimes even more. Check with your gas station attendant before deciding how to pay. 

Check Out Gas Station Credit Cards. Some bigger gas companies do offer reward credit cards where you can get 3-5% back on gas (and other) purchases, up to $2,500 or sometimes they will offer 5 cents off per gallon with no limit. 

Check Your Local Grocery Store. Some grocery stores partner with gas stations (or have their own) where you can earn discounts on your gasoline purchases based on your grocery purchase. I have a friend who fills up for free quite often! Some stores may also offer double or triple gas points if you buy gift cards (our Kroger does) and if you are going to be purchasing at those stores or restaurants anyway, you might as well save a few more bucks.

Don’t Go Premium. Some people feel they are taking care of their car better if they use premium gas – but most vehicles are engineered to use regular gasoline. Check your owners manual for manufacturers suggestions, but you could save a pretty penny by cutting back on the premium while prices are high.

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