Celebrating Toy Story 4 Release on DVD with Happen’s Toy Lab !

Everyone in our family could not wait for Toy Story 4 to be released on DVD October 8th, 2019. We even got to celebrate by making our very own toys!!!! 

Happen’s Toy Lab is a one-of-a-kind, wacky laboratory where you can create your very own unique toy creation by using pieces and parts of old and broken toys donated by members of the community.

Happen’s Toy Lab is an outreach program of Happen, Inc. a Cincinnati based non-profit organization whose mission is to bring families together through shared creative experiences. Proceeds from the cost of Toy Lab visits, parties and special events help cover the cost of the programming that Happen offers at its studio and across the community. 

We got to check out some awesome Toy Story 4 merch including a magnetic Forky which is our FAVORITE! (check out all the awesome Forky toys– which would make great gifts for Christmas!) Buttons and stickers and of course we LOVE the movie posters! Can’t forget the super yummy treats! This is a perfect place for a super fun birthday party!!!

Everyone was inspired by the amazing Forky from Toy Story 4, now we can take “trash” and make it into a toy just like our favorite character!

It was a blast to pick out all these cool pieces that would normally go to waste in a junkyard, and turn it into an awesome unique toy!

You get to name your toy and give it super powers!!!!

The Lab staff does an AMAZING job of bringing your vision to life! Just like Forky came to life in our favorite movie Toy Story 4!

Once your new toy is finished they take a picture and put it in the toy gallery on their website that is viewed by other toy lovers all over the world!

Evelyn named her new toys Queen, who is the Master of Disguise and Snowman who can fly and has super strength.   Elijah named his new toy The Villain Tracker, it can track and capture villains as well as mow the lawn! 

Thank you Disney’s Toy Story 4 and Happen’s Toy Lab for such an amazing experience!  Don’t forget to buy Toy Story 4 available now on Digital, Blue-ray & 4K Ultra HD. Then book your next birthday party with Happen’s Toy Lab and create your own unique toy!



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Women in Business: Why its More Than About the Money

Most of us strive and hustle to be financially stable. To be able to provide for our families without worry – to have money for retirement, for college, to buy the things our kids want and need; to take a vacation now and then.

A lot of women invest not only themselves, but their time and money into building a business that they can call their own; their own blood, sweat and tears. A business that they can be proud of, to be just not ‘another employee’.

It can be a struggle to work long hours, day after day, week after week , year after year; missing your kids “donuts with Mom” for Mother’s Day, or being late to their soccer game because well, you have to make money right?

But for a lot of Moms, its more than just the money. Its the connection, its the giving and sharing with others that really make it all worth while.

For example, take successful business owner, Chrissy Weems. She started a small business with her daughter, selling lockets with charms. The business boomed, and within 4 years their little kiosk in the mall expanded to an online business worth over $250 million dollars! Can you even imagine?

The CEO and co-founder of Origami Owl, Chrissy Weems, graduated from the Arizona State University and became a stay at home Mom. She started her company in pursuit to help her daughter Bella to gain confidence, and the aspect that her daughter was entrepreneurial was a big contributor for Chrissy to help her to raise money to get her a car for her 16th birthday.

Bella had saved $350 from her babysitting jobs she was doing when she was 14 years old, and Chrissy matched by contributing $350. With a two year period to raise more money, Bella and Chrissy Weems partnered and started crafting the Origami Owl business that was producing a selection of memory lockets.

The Origami Owl brand had several opportunities to bring on investors and hand over the reigns and live comfortably for the rest of their lives. But Chrissy didn’t like the thought of their brand being just about the money – so she refused.

Origami Owl does a TON for their local community. They donate money to causes in their home state of Arizona like academic opportunities for children, children support, and even economic empowerment of women in developing nations.

All the staff at Origami Owl wants to make a difference – they have made they have created entrepreneurship opportunities for others. it’s not about getting rich; its about helping families afford to actually buy a house, to pay for the sports camp, or dance lessons, or another car payment. Origami Owl is for people like us. 

Besides loving a product, nothing makes me want to buy something more than having a company that stands behind what they believe in. Watch Chrissy’s story about the start of her business, and why its soo important to her to keep it close to home.


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How to Cover the Cost of Legal Fees After a Car Accident

Unfortunately, vehicle accidents are a fact of life. They are something that happens to most people, at least once in their lifetime, either as a driver or a passenger.

When you are involved in a car accident the consequences can be devastating even life-changing and we are not just talking about if you are injured. If you hurt someone else you could end up with a huge compensation bill. For example, the settlement for a pedestrian hit by a car can be very high indeed. Usually, they suffer very serious injuries because there is no protective shell surrounding them.

Does your policy cover legal costs?

Regardless of the circumstances of your accident, if your insurance coverage is not adequate you can end up with huge issues. One of the most common mistakes people make is not buying a policy that gives them adequate coverage for their legal costs. It is always worth checking what is included. If it does not seem adequate to you speak to the insurance company and see if extra coverage can be purchased.

Pay particular attention to the Duty to Defend clauses

Insurers are contractually obliged to provide lawyers for their policyholders if they are sued for damages as the result of a car accident. However, this is not as clear cut as it sounds. An awful lot of firms now have a list of exceptions.

Circumstances in which insurance companies may not provide a lawyer

Here are a few examples of situations in which your insurance company may not provide a lawyer.

Failure to notify in a timely manner

If you do not notify the insurer quickly about the accident your right to help with defending yourself could be voided. Unfortunately, the wording of many policies makes it hard to work out how long you have.

You are accused of intentionally causing the crash

Being accused of intentionally causing the accident could also void your right to a lawyer paid for by the insurance company. This is because most policies will only cover you for negligent actions.

Be aware of policy coverage limits

Perhaps the biggest issue is the coverage limits of the policy. Let’s say you have a policy with $50,000 liability coverage and the injuries that your accident causes mean that the injured party needs to receive compensation of $150,000, you have a problem. A big one because the insurance company will pay out the $50,000, but the claim will still remain “unsettled”. Naturally, the injured party will have to sue you for the rest of their compensation. At that stage, you will need to pay a lawyer to defend and settle your case.

How to hire a good accident lawyer

Fortunately, there are some excellent accident lawyers out there who can act for you without your having to pay their fees upfront. The best ones will put together a “no fees unless we win” contract. This enables you to get the legal assistance you need to minimize the amount of compensation you have to pay. You can click here to find out more about how that works.


If you don’t have full coverage insurance ,be sure to check out Junk Car Masters who buy junk cars for cash!












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Winter Driving Tips – 4 Ways to Stay Safe on the Road

Can you believe that winter is almost upon us? It seems like only a few days ago we were all enjoying the sunshine and those seemingly endless summer days, now we’re pulling our jackets around us and trying to keep warm with plenty of layers. Just like your wardrobe changes, your driving habits also need a little refresh. Driving in the winter is a completely different experience to driving in the dry summer heat.

With unpredictable hazards on the roads, the severe weather, other drivers and extreme conditions to consider, it’s important that you prepare yourself as much as possible. The last thing you want is to fall victim to a road traffic collision – if you’re looking for legal representation, check out friedmansimon.com – so, read on for 4 ways to stay safe on the road this winter.

Give yourself more time

Rushing to get yourself to work on time and the kids to school in bad driving conditions is an accident waiting to happen. Always give yourself plenty of time to get to your destination, taking things like the weather, traffic and de-icing your car into consideration. When you’re against the clock it’s tempting not to remove the ice and snow from your windows properly. This will have a huge impact on your visibility and make driving inherently dangerous, giving yourself more time to reach your destination and prepare properly will ensure you get there in one piece.

Check your fuel levels

Keeping an eye on your fuel levels is part of being responsible driver, however during the winter months you need to be extra vigilant. You might be moving in slow traffic for a number of miles, or at a stop completely due to a car accident or poor weather. Keeping your fuel levels high will ensure that you can reach your destination no matter how long it takes you to get there.

Give everyone enough space

The car in front might be being overly cautious (in your opinion) however, if they’re driving to the conditions then you should give them plenty of room to manoeuvre. They may brake suddenly or begin to skid on black ice. Don’t forget that in icy, snowy conditions your own braking distance will have increased, so if you need to brake suddenly you won’t want to hit the car in front of you.

Pack a winter survival kit

You might think that it won’t happen to you, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be prepared. You might brake down, become stuck in the snow, or unable to move due to traffic coming to a complete stop. You could be stuck for hours! Ensure you have a winter survival kit available to you, always drive in sturdy shoes, and have a coat with you. A first aid kit in your car may come in handy, as will blankets, bottled water, a fully charged phone, torch, snacks, a shovel, de-icer/scraper and an emergency breakdown contact. Ensuring you’re equipped will ensure you’re prepared for every eventuality.



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How to Succeed at Online Dating

When it comes to online dating, it’s very important that you know what you are looking for before you start , well, looking. There are tons of sites out there that cater to pretty much anything you can imagine, and you just don’t want to start joining a bunch of random sites without knowing what you are in for.

Some dating sites are known for finding users love, and you have to go through what I would consider the gruesome tasks of filling out questionnaire after questionnaire until you are ready to scream. Others don’t give much of a care for anything besides making sure your email and photo were uploaded – for a quick hookup or a night full of drinking on the town or even married dating.

Each of these site caters to specific needs, and you need to make sure you pick the right one. If you’ve been single awhile and are finally ready to settle down, look for those sites. If you just got out of a marriage and you just need to occupy your time and mind – well, then there are sites for you too.

Make an Honest Profile

Have a trusted and honest friend to help you edit your profile before you post -you don’t want to create a false or misleading perception of yourself.  You don’t want to be too positive, or too negative  – make sure you allow the friend to be completely honest. 

If your profile is filled with lies, or you aren’t being completely honest – it will, and does come out. People like about the dumbest stuff too; so if you they lie about the little things, who knows what they will lie about in the big things right?? Sure we all want to give the best impression, but you also want to be real. What if you fall for the person you met? It’s going to start the relationship out on the wrong foot.

Share Photos of the Real You

Post at least two photos, if not more. Make sure shows your entire body. Make sure you are smiling – and if you are looking for love, don’t post pictures of you out partying in every single one.
You want to make a good impression, and sure you can be sexy – but not too sexy. You don’t want to over do it, show too much, or give a wrong impression. Also, sharing a full length body photo and photos without a ton of filters is going to save you some self esteem issues, and also time. You need to be comfortable with you, and if someone isn’t, you don’t want to waste your time with them anyway.
You may still get the guys (or gals) who are rude, or make pressure you to send more trying to ‘see the goods’  but don’t feel pressured to do anything you are no comfortable with.. and more than likely the ones asking and making you feel that way, probably isn’t going to be the ‘one’ anyhow.

Make Sure They Have Plenty of Photos Too
When I was dating online, I can’t tell you the amount of men that would hound me for photos, and only have one of themselves. Most of the time those were the guys sharing photos from years ago, or even high school!
If there are things that are important to you such as a good smile, or pretty eyes – don’t be afraid to ask for more photos of just that. Usually guys (or girls) that leave out a certain feature or body part, well, there’s a reason. I had a friend who met a guy online who was good looking, but never smiled and showed his teeth – literally every picture. So it was no surprise when she met him that he had some jacked up teeth. No judging, but he could have been honest up front because somethings are just non negotiables with  people.

You Don’t Have to Talk to Everyone
Just because a guy messages you, and is nice or pays you a compliment or asks you a question does not mean you have to respond or you owe them anything. I know some people that just ‘cant be mean’ and will literally respond to every man who messages her, no matter if she knows she’d never go out with him or not – all this does is waste your time, and give them hope, which makes them even more aggressive. You also don’t need to even say “thanks, but no thank you”, most people in general aren’t that great at rejection, and I can tell you from experience that men online dating are probably the worst at accepting it. They will get downright nasty; try to find your social media profiles, your phone #, your job – just don’t risk it. (also, feel free to block people. They think you’ve just deleted your account, but you’ve just blocked them from seeing you online, messaging you, or viewing your profile/photos).

If you’ve matched up, both show interest, and you’ve been sending messages back and forth you must MUST talk on the phone before you meet in person. Number one, a lot of times this can give you a heads up if they are a ‘catfish’ (I swear that you can ‘hear’ what someone sounds like by their voice. EVERY episode of Catfish I ever watched, I KNEW by the voice – every time!) You can also talk and ask questions that they don’t have time to ‘think up answers’, they have to answer on the spot, which will help you watch for any red flags.

Can I scream a little louder for the people in the back? Sure, most of the people you meet online are probably like you; normal, law abiding citizens. But some are not. I have a friend whose very good friend was murdered by a guy she went on a date with, right after getting divorced. They talked awhile, and he invited her over to make dinner for her: she never knew that would be the last night she kissed her kids goodbye.
Drastic comparison? Maybe. But we all need to think with our heads, and not our nether regions when it comes to meeting strangers.
Take your own car, meet somewhere very public, make sure that your family or friends know where you are, and have a check in time. My friends and family all use the Life360 app on our phones – shows our location at any time. It has a panic button. Get it, use it, be safe.

Don’t Plan a Full Night
I used to working for a dating service called It’s Just Lunch; literally we would match people up and they would meet for ‘just lunch’ or ‘just drinks’ after work. You can make it brief (I have to get back to work, ok thanks for the drink, I gotta get home to the kids) but you want to kinda get an idea of the person you met with. Maybe you thought they were one way, but you meet them in person and they act a completely different way. Maybe they tricked you and used those photos that were from before they became the alcoholic sitting on the couch crushing beers all day, or maybe the girl sent you pictures from before she had kids , or maybe there just isn’t any chemistry like you thought there would be- you don’t know. Keep it simple, and if you enjoy yourself -well there’s a perfect time to plan the next.

Come on ya’ all. It’s 2019. Sure the world is full of ‘do what makes you feel good’ and don’t judge’ but come on. Sometimes things happen too quickly in the heat of the moment, and you are left to deal with those feelings and potential consequences.



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