Getting Your Dog’s Attention

Getting dog’s attention is the basis for any training.

Whatever you intend to do, whatever lessons you wish to instill, it is necessary for a puppy to look at you, hear your voice and observe your commands. Only by accomplishing this first initial step can you start anything else so it’s necessary to do it right.

In the following article I will teach you how to get dog’s attention and keep it!


Teaching discipline


As I mentioned, teaching animal how to listen is the first step.

It is necessary for a dog to keep quiet, sit and listen. This will make any successive process much easier.

Lessons are learned through practical exercises. It is necessary to do positive reinforcement training that will reward a dog after a positive thing has been done.

But there is one question though. How can you tell if the dog is paying attention or not? This is something that new dog owners usually have trouble with and can mistake it with some other behavioral patterns.

It is simple.

If you did everything right, dog’s eyes will be fixed on you and he will be extra focused on your moves. He will especially be concentrated on your hands (if you use them to issue commands) or any other part that is regularly used for this purpose.

The thing with dogs is that they monitor your movement at all times even if you do not realize this. You might think that your pet is not paying attention as his eyes are moving around or is restless but once you issue a command he will be quick to jump.

This is due to various behavioral patterns where dogs may have different gesticulation. Nevertheless, if you done training properly, it will definitely respond to you.


Is getting dog’s attention really that necessary?


            You might think that all this is overrated and that it is easy to manage a dog without this skill.

This is a wrong attitude.

Dog shouldn’t be forced to listen to you or punished if he doesn’t. He needs to develop a consciousness where he is getting a treat or some sort of a positive feedback if he obeys your commands.

Being attentive is not only important for future trainings or obeying commands. It is a basis for your communication as it takes a lot for dog to process information you are giving and he needs to be focused on your cues.

You need to be in the center of dog’s world. You need to be and remain his master at all times. This is crucial for your relationship. Given that you’re different special you need to have at least one channel that allows you to exchange information. Being attentive also help with submissiveness as it keeps you at the top of hierarchy.


Practical exercises


The first thing that a dog needs to learn is to have an eye contact with the owner. He needs to be able to sit quietly and listen to its teacher.


  • Get some treats and sit near the dog
  • Wait for a dog to looks at you
  • Once the dog looks at you, praise him and pet him
  • Reward a dog with a treat
  • Continue repeating the exercise until dog understands there is a treat each time he looks at you


After the initial practice, you can try with hand exercises. The point of this exercise is for a dog to get used to stressful situations and to learn how to react properly.


  • Put a hand in front of the dog
  • Make sure it’s very close to its nose
  • It needs to make him feel uncomfortable
  • Wait until dog touches your palm
  • Praise him for accomplishing the task
  • Dog will learn how to deal with stress and focus in any kind of situation


Lastly, you need to teach your dog how to react when distracted.


  • Put his favorite toy in front of him
  • When the dog goes to grab the toy, cover it with hand or foot
  • Wait for a dog to looks you in the eyes
  • In this case, it is also necessary for a dog to start ignoring the toy and starts focusing on you
  • Give him a treat when the task is accomplished

With these simple exercises you can quickly teach your dog how to hold attention and focus on your commands.


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What Happens When You’ve Had a Car Accident?

You never think it will happen to you until it does. You’ve become accustomed and complacent driving your car every day, twice a day for work. You know your car, you trust it. The only car accidents you come across are the ones that hold you up in traffic. You’ve passed by so many that you don’t even think that it could happen to you, until, one day, it does.


Accidents can be devastating. Being able to get compensation is the first step to moving on. Don’t let the big companies minimize your suffering, hire a lawyer. Accidents that happen between you and a truck, for instance, can be horrific. If the passengers in the car even survive, their injuries are at best crippling, and likely affect them for life; and at worse, fatal. When something like this happens, you will want an 18-wheeler lawyer Baton Rouge to represent you. They have 100% client satisfaction guarantee, meaning that if within thirty days you are not happy with their work, you won’t owe them anything.


Don’t get blindsided by insurance companies trying to reduce what they owe to you. Hire a lawyer who will fight for you and get you fair compensation for your pain and loss.


You never want to be responsible for the accident, as this will make your premiums go up. If you are a careless driver, and end up causing many accidents, you might find yourself permanently uninsurable. If you have been in an accident that wasn’t your fault, don’t panic. Follow these steps to get you the help and information you need:


  1. Assess Damage

Car collisions can be fatal. They can cause permanent injury. They can cause permanent disabilities. When you are in an accident, the first thing you want to assess is the state of yourself and your passengers. If anyone needs medical attention, is not responsive, or you are concerned in any way for their wellbeing, call emergency services immediately. If you are well enough, check on the other driver and determine their state.


Unless they confirm that they are okay and don’t need medical assistance, it is always safer to call for an ambulance. There are a lot of complications that can occur during an accident and it is always better to be safe than sorry.


  1. Relocate

Unless the car accident occurred in a deserted road, you will likely have to relocate so that you are not obstructing traffic or endangering other drivers. If the accident has occurred on a highway or a very busy road, it is always advisable to call for help from the police who can safely redirect you to an area where you can fill out a report and gather information.


  1. Exchange Information

To receive compensation (or to make compensation) you will have to exchange information. This is information you will then have to give to your insurance companies. You will need the name, license plate, and car make/model at the very least.


  1. Evidence

Evidence is crucial when you are making a claim. Take photos of as many areas of damage as you can for documentation, collect the contact information of any police officers involved and from any eye witnesses. Doing a thorough job now will protect you in the long run.


Car accidents are always stressful. Try to stay calm and collect as much evidence as possible. Further, never admit blame. If you admit blame there is very little that you can do to protect yourself from a legal standpoint, unless you and the other driver are okay with settling it without your insurance companies. For instance, if you had rear-ended another car, the blame will fall on you. If the damage was cosmetic, and under $700, try to settle it between yourselves. That way no one’s premiums will go up.


In the Case You Need Legal Help


Insurance companies, as a rule, don’t want to pay you what you are owed. If you are experiencing difficulties getting your fair compensation, you don’t have to worry. Hire an attorney that will fight for you. Hiring an attorney does not mean that you will have to go to court, either. In fact, most cases are settled outside of court, which is the less stressful and quicker option, and so it is can be the best.


Going to court will always provide an uncertain outcome. Lawyers will always push to settle outside of a court for this reason, as well as the fact that they are paid out of the settlement. You don’t have to directly pay them anything! Their fee is a percentage. If, however, you are not happy with a settlement, you do have the right to press the case and present it in front of the judge.


Here are a few things you should know about the process:


  1. A lot of work will be done behind the scenes. This is the time when your lawyer builds your case for you. You might not hear from them, but you do have the right to know the status of your case. Always use a reputable lawyer that will respond to you promptly.


  1. Nothing will or can happen while you are recovering. You don’t have to worry about court dates or trials or anything else while you are recovering. An attorney must wait until your condition has stabilized first. After you are better your lawyer can include your medical bill and report in your case.


  1. Get an Offer. This is when you first receive an offer of compensation from the insurance company. Once you have the offer, you can choose how you want to proceed. This is a negotiation process.


  1. If you agree with the offer, accept it. You will then be paid what you are due (minus your lawyer’s fees).


If you don’t accept the offer:


  1. If you don’t get fair compensation, and you want to press the case, your lawyer will file a lawsuit. This is to demand arbitration. Defendants will then have thirty days to respond.


  1. Once all defendants have responded and answered to the lawsuit, you enter the discovery proceedings. Dispositions are taken of experts, witnesses, and those who were directly involved. This can be a long and complicated process, depending on how many people were involved in the accident.


  1. A Trial is scheduled. Your Trial will be scheduled in accordance to ow busy the Court is, you may feel frustrated at the time it takes, but it is out of the hands of your lawyer.


Protecting Your Finances


After an accident, you may be unable to work. During this time, you may face debts and other financial difficulties. It is best to contact your creditors as soon as possible to notify them of your accident and ask for them to suspend their payments until you can return to work. Telling them in advance is the only way to receive leniency, as most creditors will understand your predicament and make necessary arrangements.
Note, you might have to provide evidence of your accident, such as a medical record. You can also have your attorney contact your creditors to not only verify the accident, but to also make arrangements to take what they are owed from your compensation.


Always Go to The Doctor


You can suffer in pain after an accident, but unless you have medical proof of your injury, you will have a hard time claiming compensation. Further, injuries that might not seem severe might have caused a complication. Always get checked out after an accident. Even an injury like whiplash is better to be documented than not.


Never Discuss Your Case


Discussing your case can complicate matters. It is always best to only talk about your case to your lawyer and doctors – in other words, people who are legally obligated to keep silent on your behalf. You do not want anything you have put on social media to jeopardize your case.


Never Sign Without Your Lawyer


As a general (and golden) rule, you should never sign anything regarding your case without first discussing it with your lawyer. The last thing you want is to have signed off on a loophole that throws your whole case out or reduces the amount of compensation owed to you. You have hired a lawyer for a reason, and that is to make sure that you present the best possible case.


Send Copies


Document all expenditure related to your accident and send your lawyer copies of every bill, regardless if your health insurance or any other insurance has already paid for it. These copies will provide good evidence for your lawyer to use.


Notify Your Lawyer of Any Changes


Ensure they know when you are released from the hospital, are ready and fit to return to work, and any other changes that impact your case or their way of contacting you. At this time consider your attorney to be your best friend; they need to know everything relative to the accident from your medical bills to any other expenses incurred because you have had the accident. The more they know, the better they will be able to defend you.

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What to do When Your Dog Falls Ill

Having a dog become a member of your family can truly be one of the most rewarding experiences ever. However, it can also be terrifying when your furry friend gets sick. Inevitably, this will happen from time to time. With this in mind, here are a few tips that will help you, should your dog fall ill.

Keep them hydrated

One of the most important things to do when your dog gets sick is to make sure that they have plenty of access to fresh, clean water. If they are vomiting, this is especially important. Dogs can dehydrate very quickly. As soon as you notice that something is wrong, make sure that you have refilled their water bowl.

Seek veterinary help

Often, dogs will simply be unwell due to a virus or as a reaction to something that they have consumed. If your dog is still eating, drinking, and behaving as they normally would after they have been ill, then they should be fine. However, if your dog is showing extreme symptoms or is acting out of the ordinary, then it is incredibly important that you seek veterinary help right away.

Be cautious with medicine

If you have been to the vet and they have given you medicine to give to your dog to get them well again, then it is very important that you watch over them for several hours in case there are any adverse effects to the medicine. If you notice vomiting or anything else unusual, then it is always best to go back to the vet again.

Keep them comfortable

Once your dog is on their way back to health, it is important that you help them with a quick recovery. One of the most important things that you can do is to keep them as comfortable as possible. They may want to bounce around and play, but try to encourage them to rest as much as possible. Getting them comfortable in a nice clean bed is definitely one of the best ways to do this.

Painful news

If your dog has an illness that is untreatable, then it can often feel like your world is crashing down around you. It is an incredibly painful experience. However, it is important that you consider how you want their final journey to be. If you want them to be at home, then you may wish to consider pet cremation so that you can keep their ashes with you. Of course, it is entirely up to you how you want that final journey to be, whether you want them cremated or buried.

When your dog does go, please remember that you gave them the happiest life that they could have possibly had, and they will live on in your heart and mind for the rest of your life. A dog is something that can never be replaced, and once those paws have been imprinted on your heart, that is where they will stay for the rest of time.

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Buying a Used Car? Buy Certified

I don’t know about you, but purchasing a used vehicle always makes me a bit nervous. . Especially if you are taking out a loan for it. You never really know what could go wrong, or when. That’s why when I do buy a vehicle, I make sure that it’s certified by the dealership to give me a bit of peace of mind.

So here’s what you get when you go ‘certified’ when buying a used vehicle.

Multi-Point Inspection. Exhaustive mechanical and appearance inspection to ensure that each vehicle meets that particular manufacturers standards – for example, with Honda they have a Honda-trained tech scrutinize all major vehicle systems, including the brakes, engine, drive train, steering, suspension, tires, wheels, exhaust system and the vehicles interior and exterior. They recondition any component that doesn’t meet their standards – and any area that can’t be reconditioned is replaced with Genuine Honda parts.

Warranty. With Honda Certified Used Cars they are backed by one of the most extensive warranties in the business. Each vehicle enjoys a minimum of 12 months/12,000 miles non-power train equipment coverage and up to 7 years/ 100,000 miles for powertrain coverage, all with ZERO DEDUCTIBLE!

Free CARFAX. They run a CARFAX Vehicle History Report – at no cost to you – to assure that your Honda Certified Used Car does not contain any DMV reported incidents such as salvage, fire, flood damage, odometer problems, or lemon history. A copy of each car’s CARFAX is kept at the dealership and is available for you.

There are a ton of advantages to buying ‘certified’ so check out your local Honda Dealership for your next car!


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The Subaru Guaranteed Trade-In Program

I have to admit – I have only traded in a vehicle once in my life, and that was because it barely ran, and I really just didn’t want the hassle of getting rid of it. Overall the opinion of trading a vehicle in is pretty low – mostly because the low ball price you are offered by the dealership.

However – if you are a Subaru owner, when it comes to trade-ins you are in luck! The Subaru Guaranteed Trade-in Program is top notch!

Subaru created the Guaranteed Trade-In Program because they believe in the quality of their vehicles – and of course they think you should too! 
The Guaranteed Trade-in Value is an offer – only for Subaru owners – and it guarantees the trade-in amount that the owner will receive for their qualified Subaru vehicle when a newer (later model year) Subaru vehicle is purchased. The value is updated monthly and is available for 6 years from the original vehicles warranty start date! 
No hassles, no questions – just check with your local Subaru dealer for more info! 
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