Strawberry Trifle

Since I made the Death by Chocolate Trifle, I’ve tried my hand at a few variations. During Easter I decided to try my hand at a lighter type of trifle using strawberries – and it was a success! I think it would be a perfect addition for any summer cookouts, or a weekend treat!

What You’ll Need:
I made a homemade strawberry mousse for my trifle, which I found on Pinterest, (so go check out the recipe on An Italian in My Kitchen’s blog). You’ll need a lot of strawberries, some granulated sugar, and whipping cream.
For the remainder of the trifle you’ll need:
Sliced and diced strawberries
Angel food cake
Cool Whip

I would suggest making the strawberry mousse, and letting it set (and get nice and cold) over night if possible. If you are making your own angel food cake, do the same with that as well – you want everything cooled to make the trifle.

 In  a trifle bowl layer angel food cake pieces, strawberry mousse, cool whip and then strawberries until trifle bowl is full – be sure that the top is a layer of strawberries! Keep chilled – and serve in small bowls and enjoy!

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