Car Warranty VS Car Insurance: Knowing the Difference

When you purchase a car, most of the time you are offered a car warranty. A car warranty will cover specific problems with your car – like a mechanical failure, electrical failure, things like that. This is separate policy than your car insurance, and usually quite a different type of protection.

When you are buying a car, it’s important to know the difference between a warranty and insurance. They both can help protect you, however, the difference is the kind of protection each offers. 

A warranty usually will cover those mechanical breakdown for parts and labor, including malfunctions due to defects or issues with the parts. Car insurance will usually help pay for repair if it’s damaged by a collision or another type of cause, such as vandalism, theft, fire or flood. 


There are different types of warranties: there are new car warranties, used-car, and extended warranties; some of these can be purchased directly from the manufacturer, others are third-party warranties. 

A new car warranty, is the manufacturers promise that they will help pay or completely pay for replacement parts and specific covered repairs during a certain time (the ‘warranty period’). Usually the new car warranty is included in the purchase price of your vehicle. Most warranties will last anywhere from 3 years and 36k miles, or 10 years and 10k miles. Some factory warranties will apply to certified pre-owned vehicles as well. These warranties usually vary from company to company, so be sure you know what you are purchasing.

New car warranties usually consist of 2 parts:

“Bumper-to-bumper’ coverage, which includes things like the electronics, AC and heating system, etc. Warranties usually do not include regular wear and tear like tires, or brakes, things like that.

“Power Train” coverage will usually cover the car’s engine and transmission.

Sometimes you can purchase an extended warranty in addition to the new car warranty, or sometimes even an additional warranty to your used car through the manufacturer or even a third-party. Most warranties do require you to pay a deductible before they will pay out for repairs: or some will require you to pay for labor and they pay for parts ,etc. This is why it’s super important for you to read your paperwork thoroughly. 

No matter what type of warranty you have, remember you still need to keep up with routine maintenance on your vehicle. Usually to keep your warranty in force, you have to keep up with the required maintenance recommended by the manufacturer in order for the warranty to be valid.



As I mentioned, car insurance will usually pay for repairs/damages done due to a collision or other things like a fire, flood, vandalism, etc.  Unlike  a warranty insurance won’t usually cover mechanical or equipment breakdown unless it was a direct result of an accident or natural disaster type of incident.

Car insurance can actually help cover more than just damage to your car: These are the types of coverages that are available for your car insurance policy:

LIABILITY INSURANCE – covers damages to property, and medical bills caused by an accident where you are at fault.

COLLISION COVERAGE – If your car is damaged due to a collision with another vehicle, this coverage helps pays for the repairs due to the collision.

COMPREHENSIVE COVERAGE – Helps repair or replace your car if its damaged due to: theft, fire, flood, vandalism, hitting an animal, or a flying/falling object.

UNINSURED/UNDERINSURED MOTORIST COVERAGE – This coverage could help you if your vehicle is damaged by a driver with no insurance, or very low coverages.

MEDICAL PAYMENTS COVERAGE – If you or a passenger is injured in an at fault car accident, medical payments will pay for emergency room, hospital stay, and doctor visits.

If you have  questions regarding your warranty, be sure to reach out to the manufacturer, and with your insurance, you can reach out to your agent!

This post is sponsored by Falls Motor City.



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Tips On Starting A Successful Business

Have you been hearing from your friends that this is the year you should start thinking about opening up a business? Have they loved your recipes that you’ve been creating? What about hacks for parents to make their life simpler? These are all sorts of great ideas to help others and also earn a bit of money for you and your family. Of course, these ideas and a business don’t earn you a big income overnight but there are a few steps you can begin to put things into place to help you become successful along the way. 

  1. Think About Your Passion: One of the biggest tips on starting a successful business is making sure that it is something you are truly passionate about. I’m sure you’ve heard the phrase “You’ll never work a day in your life if you love what you do” and it couldn’t be more true. Your customers and future clients see the hard work, dedication, and love you put into whatever it is you truly excited about. They can see it on your face and in your effort. Find your niche about what it is you want to talk about and start there.

  2. Figure Out Your  Platforms: Is this business something you want to do solely on one platform or many? There are various ones out there including Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and more. Each platform is there for a specific purpose so you’ll want to think about how you are going to market your business and how on each one. For example, Pinterest is geared towards colorful pictures and quick marketing slogans. You’ll want to make sure that whatever it is you are trying to sell or share with your followers, is colorful, bold, and stands out to them. You want your pictures to be either of one object and in good lighting. 

  1. Does Branding Matter? Yes, it does! Branding is really the key to your business so you want everything to be consistent on your platforms including if you use a website to host everything on. This is a great outsource to help build your business as well. If you’re not sure where to begin, find a reputable company to assist you!  New Day Creative can help you build the perfect brand that gets your message across to your audience. Through their agencies that will help you from the very early stages to assisting in bigger projects. Regardless of where you are at in your business, this advertising agency, located in the Columbus, Ohio area is one that can assist and help with insight, expertise, and answer questions to bring your business to the top.

  2. Set Small and Big Goals: Once you have an idea of your brand, your website, and how to market, set yourself goals that you can accomplish that week, month, and quarterly. It might seem overwhelming at first but it’s more manageable to see things laid out this way. If you set 12 goals for the year, you can zero in on accomplishing one each month instead of focusing on getting 12 done ( which rarely happens ). Goal-setting might be scary because you want to be able to accomplish and achieve each goal which is understandable. That’s why starting small to reach a bigger goal is the perfect way to break that down. By working your way up, you’ll be able to reach that expectation in no time.

  3. Work Together: While building your business, find similar companies, businesses and creatives like yourself who can work with you, not against you. Remember that everyone starts at zero and we can’t be anywhere without the help of one another to share, promote and spread the word about what we are working on. Find people who share the same passions and ideas as you. Brainstorm new ways you can help reach a bigger audience, revise an idea or figure a new strategy to market to someone in a different country. Attend meetings, find people in your neighborhood or community and also reach various forums online to begin finding these networks of leaders.

To start a successful business, you alone need to be responsible for the time, effort, planning and money that you’ll be putting into it. It doesn’t come overnight but it does take hard work, consideration, thoughtful ideas and patience to see it grow. Use your resources to assist you along the way because you never know how the favor can return down the road. Call on those professionals to seek guidance and learn from critical criticism to build your business that will help and inspire years down the road. 

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3 Healthy Habits to Teach Your Child this Year

Like it or not, parents won’t always be around to help their children make smart health choices. Eventually, your kid will grow up and face the world on their own. The good news is that you can take action today to help your child develop healthy habits that they’ll carry with them for the rest of their life. Indeed, how you talk about health and wellness now could have an impact on your child’s well-being for decades to come. With that in mind,  today we’ll explore three healthy habits parents should try and teach their children in 2021. Check them out here: 

Daily Exercise

Whether you’re eight, eighteen, or eighty, it’s still important to include regular exercise into your daily routine. Unfortunately, many kids don’t get the exercise they need on a regular basis. As such, parents should make it a point to encourage their kids to get out of the house and play for at least an hour a day. What’s more, you can ensure your kids get the exercise they require by engaging in certain activities with them. This could include playing catch in the backyard, taking the family dog for a walk together around the neighborhood, or even cleaning up around the house.  

Visit Medical Professionals

The sad reality is that many young adults don’t go to the doctor’s office –– even if they feel unwell or need a checkup. Often, this reluctance to speak  with medical professionals can be traced back to childhood unease. Many children understandably feel uncomfortable visiting medical facilities or doctor’s offices. As a parent, it’s your job to help your child overcome any fears they may have of doctors or clinics. Explain to them how devices like a stethoscope or a well plate function and reward them for good behavior at the doctor’s office. Doing this now could empower them to seek medical assistance some day in the future. 


A person’s overall health includes their emotional and mental wellness in addition to their physical condition. What’s more, a large number of kids have trouble expressing themselves and their needs. Proactive parents should engage with their kids every day and ask them about their feelings and desires. Allow your kids to vent when they need to and provide them with resources and support to address any mental or emotional issues they may be experiencing. Teaching a child how to deal with stress, anger, frustration, and sadness now will prove hugely beneficial in the future. Remember, parents don’t have to have an answer to every problem, but they should be present to provide what help they can. Often, that’s more than enough!

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Hair Loss Treatment for Men

Men have been fighting a battle against losing their hair for decades. Thankfully, with new technology coming out almost every single day, they have also begun to win that fight back. Now on the market are various red light therapy treatments, foam shampoos, and options to help beat their hair loss than ever before. Below are some treatments for men who have thinning hair or bald in hopes to make them feel more like themselves.

  1. Rogaine – Many of us have heard of Rogaine but might not know exactly what it does. This formula fosters hair growth that can be seen in as little as 12 weeks after you begin to use it daily. It helps to stimulate hair growth through active ingredients, and one in particular, minoxidil, helps boost follicle activity. It’s a common option for hair loss treatment that does not require a prescription from your doctor and can be found at your local grocery store. It’s a foam formula and an idea to start with, especially for those who are in the very early stages of hair loss. Rogaine has been proven to regrow up to 25 percent more hair and encourages growth as well as nourishes the scalp at the same time.
  2. Specialized Shamloo: Similar to Rograin, another easy product to use while looking to bounce back from hair loss is finding a specialized shampoo. One of the most trusted options for men with non chemically treated hair and light thing is called Nixon’s System 1 Cleanser Shampoo. The formula has botanical and humectants to work hard to remove any toxins or buildup without stripping any essential oils from your hair follicles. This then allows your hair to grow shiny, healthy, and most importantly, with lots of volume. It works just like regular shampoo, gently massaging the shampoo into your damp hair and scalp for about one minute and then rinse thoroughly. It’s meant for daily use to help create the healthy scalp you are searching for.

                                                               Image: Ohio SMP Studio

3. SMP –  You might not have heard yet about this new technique to camouflage your hair loss but it’s popping up all over the US. SMP is a specialized pen that technicians use to implant pigment into a client’s scalp in the form of tiny dots that mimic the appearance of closely shaven hair follicles! Artist Clayton Rush of Ohio SMP Studio has been in the hair industry for over twenty-one years and after personally receiving SMP himself for a more natural appearance, he realized he wanted to assist others like himself. He owns three successful barbershops and is a multi award-wining master barber in every type of hair color, hair thickness, and hairline there is. If you have any questions, be sure to check out Micro Scalp pigmentation videos and see how it’s done! The results will shock you! 

4. Vitamins: The market offers a variety of vitamins that encourage healthy hair growth but which ones will work for you. A popular one among celebrities that is also cost-efficient is called Halo Hair Vitamins. It promotes healthy, thicker-looking hair, and zero fillers or harmful ingredients are used. For a more natural approach, this is recommended. As always, talk to your doctor as well to look into other vitamins or options to help promote your hair growth.

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The Intersections Between Gaming and Fitness

If you still think that modern Canadian gamers still conform to the old stereotypes of laziness and obesity, think again. While this may have been a case when video games were the domain of pre-adolescent boys, gaming today is more mainstream, drawing millions of casual gamers who didn’t play conventional games before.

Guest author Michelle Thomas takes a look at how fitness and gaming influence each other. To find out more about Michelle Thomas, please click here

The surge of mainstream gaming has coincided with the rise in awareness of the importance of personal fitness. Scientific and medical research has collected reams of evidence on the benefits of keeping ourselves physically fit, such as increased productivity, improved moods, stress relief, and sharper focus. 

These benefits are in addition to all the advantages of physical exercise we already know, such as improved health outcomes and a stronger physique. 

The rise of both gaming and fitness into the mainstream has led to companies using gaming technologies and concepts to help make physical fitness easier to achieve. 


In this article, we will take a look at the three most promising ways that gaming can help improve physical fitness.

Gaming is More Fun

While exercising can be fun for a lot of people, there are significant chunks of the population that dislike it strongly. 

For instance, some people in Canada find group classes enervating, while others find it mentally draining. Other Canadian people have fun trying to lift the most amount of weight in a gym, while others shy away due to self-consciousness.

A long-time view in the fitness industry is that there is no perfect way to be fit. It’s all up to you to find physical activities that fit your habits and preferences.

Canadian players enjoy both gaming and fitness. After an intense workout, a lot of Canadian players like to play at an instant withdrawal casino. If you enjoy being outside, for example, you can take morning bike rides in the park. You can buy a stationary bike if you prefer to watch TV while exercising.

With games, this problem essentially disappears, because nearly just about everyone loves games in some form or the other. Even people who strongly dislike exercise can make surprising gains when their programs are cloaked within video game goals.

A great example of this is Pokémon Go, where the goal is to “find” Pokémon located in random areas within an area. To “find” these Pokémon, you will have to walk to that location. A 30-day study on the habits of Pokémon Go Canadian players found that they added almost 1,500 extra steps a day just because of the game.

Gaming is More Convenient

In previous decades, vigorous physical exercise routines were often left to professional athletes or enthusiastic amateurs. Much of our conventional wisdom during this time held that moderate exercise – such as long walks or short jogs around the park – would be enough to maintain physical fitness.

Recent fitness trends have moved away from this. Instead of low-intensity walks, many fitness centers advocate for high-intensity workouts. This development works especially for busy employees who want heavy workouts but lack time for long sessions.

Games have made such intense workouts even more convenient. Instead of going to a gym, you can just head home and exercise using a game console that supports motion controls.

This is a clear bonus for introverts or those who prefer exercising individually. The benefits of play mentioned before helps make exercising more accessible to gym-averse individuals, neutralizing one major barrier to physical fitness.


Gaming Gives You Constant Feedback

As any long-time gym-goer knows, the strongest motivation for any physical journey is your results. 

You may just go to the gym once or twice a week at first, but once you see your muscles developing and fat burning away, it won’t be surprising to see you up your visits more and more until it becomes second nature to you.

On the flipside, the lack of immediate results can often be a major road-block for those just starting out. Lifetime gym memberships prey on this trend, knowing that most purchasers won’t ever get full value.

The gamification of fitness helps stem the flow of this trend by allowing users to access daily feedback. While you may not notice major changes in your physique after a week of regular exercise, you can feel motivated by knowing how many extra steps you made, how many calories you burned, and so on.

Over time, you will gain a better sense of your physical needs, and what you must do to meet those. Once you see the results, you’ll find that motivation will no longer be your problem.



Find ways to merge your passion for gaming into your exercise route and you will find that it becomes a lot easier for you to work out and stay motivated consistently. 

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