Ohio’s Most Romantic Getaway Destination: Shores & Islands

IF you are like me you have a tendency to put your romantic life on the back burner; with kids, their activities, pets, a house, a career – well, it just seems to happen that way. But on occasion you have to put all that on hold to do something for yourself. Including those little weekend getaways for romance and relaxation.

So ideally if I lived near the ocean I would spend my days in a bathing suit on the beach without much thought for anything else; but since I don’t, and I live where well, we have seasons, you look for alternatives.. and boy did I find one! I love when I find a place that is amazing no matter what the weather – like Shores and Islands Ohio.


The great thing about Shores & Islands is that you can enjoy it during any season, as a family trip, girls weekend – or a romantic getaway. There are a TON of things to do, and something for everyone.

If I’m not laying on the beach, I want to be doing SOMETHING – museums, shopping, restaurants , I love to explore! So visiting in the fall is the perfect time to do all of the above. We started a romantic weekend at the Liberty Aviation Museum in Port Clinton.

The Liberty Aviation Museum showcases operational, historical aircraft and vehicles including “Georgie’s Gal”, a WWII B-25 Mitchell Bomber, a U.S. Navy WWII TBM Avenger, Pt-boat, and more! You can also dine in the 1950’s era themed Tin Goose Diner!

There were so many amazing things to look at, artifacts from the Titanic, war and movie memorabilia , and some amazing vehicles!

We could of spent hours, but decided to head outside and enjoy the weather and check out the beach and lighthouse in Port Clinton at the Waterworks Park.

What I LOVE about the park is the walking paths, the beautiful lighthouse, benches to sit and talk with a view of the water, and pier fishing.

I love walking out onto the water and watching the fish jump, and the birds fly – just remember to bring a jacket if you visit any other time besides summer – it gets a little chilly out on the lake!

After exploring we decided to go check in at our bed & breakfast at The Captain’s Lodge. Beth & Turbo run the lodge, along with an amazing fishing charter – that makes this place one of the best, and unique stays near Lake Erie! I absolutely LOVE Beth & Turbo, they are one of the most down to earth BUSY couples I have ever met! Their stories of fishing and hunting, and all their travel make the stay at their bed & breakfast feel like home!

We were able to freshen up and get ready to head to dinner at The Orchard Farm Stand. I will have to admit, this was one of my favorite places (so be prepared to scroll through a lot of pictures)!

The Orchard Farm Stand offers coffee, bakery, applewood fired pizzas and sandwiches daily. Enjoy Orchard signature wine and cocktails at the indoor/outdoor Farm Stand bar featuring a view of the vineyard, apple and peach trees. You can also shop the market for local produce , honey, jams and jellies, french linens, coffee, wine, baked goods, kitchen items and more!

We ordered to appetizers to share and try; the Coconut Shrimp sounded amazing,(and it was!) and asked our waitress what was the best appetizer on the menu, she hands down said that the hot honey & whipped feta with grilled pita! She was right – it was amazing!

Also per her suggestion we ordered the Peach BBQ Burger – I really was unsure about the peach bbq sauce but OMG it was soo good, we bought some to bring home! It came with their signature hot catawba peach chips!

Last but not least, the chicken bacon ranch pizza with truffle hot sauce (WARNING: don’t pour on the pizza, dip lightly lol – hot BUT AMAZING!)


After dinner we checked out the store, and the stand out front, which I LOVED! I would love to bring my parents and my kids back up just to visit The Orchard!

After perusing the store and the stand, we headed over to the Orchard Bar, which had the cutest set up; this would be a perfect place for a wedding, or even a reception (which they did have going on while we were there) the sky was gorgeous, and as it got cooler they turned on the fire pits that kept us warm.

After some time hanging out and talking by the fire, we decided to head to the lake to see the sunset. There is something about a sunset over water that is just peaceful.

This was just Day 1! Keep an eye out for the rest of our romantic getaway!

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3 Reasons to Bring Your Own Lunch to Work

3 Reasons to Bring Your Own Lunch to Work


One of the easiest yet most effective ways to save money and improve your diet is by packing your own lunch for work, rather than eating out. This can seem like a simple solution, but it is much easier said than done; many people struggle to pack their lunch in advance due to a lack of time or simply because they aren’t sure what to pack. Meal prep services like Lean Kitchen can provide the means to make healthy meals for the entire week quickly and easily. There are also endless ideas for easy, at-work lunches available online. Plus, leftovers from meals you are already making for yourself or for your family make great lunches the following day as well.

Aside from the financial benefits, here are 3 reasons why you should start packing your own lunch for work.



Portion Control

Bringing your own lunch from home is a crucial concept for anyone who is currently on a special or restrictive diet for weight loss or health purposes. When you pack your lunch in advance, you can plan what you are going to eat which can help you achieve your dietary goals. When you don’t bring a meal to the office and are left with no choice but to purchase one from a nearby restaurant or food delivery service, it is likely that you will choose a less healthy option, and will not have as strong of a sense of portion control. Packing your lunch at home lets you be the one in control of exactly what you are packing, and in what quantities.



Use Leftovers

One of the biggest benefits of packing your own lunch for the office is that doing so gives you the opportunity to reheat or reuse leftovers from last night’s dinner. If you live alone and find that you often cook more food per meal than you are able to eat at once, packing half of it for the next day is a great solution. Many people dine out or order takeout and find that they cannot finish their entire meal, but their leftovers go bad in the fridge as there is never a good time to eat them. If you find yourself in this situation, the solution is to pack your leftovers for lunch, as a way to enjoy a delicious meal from your favorite restaurant at the office the following day.



Save Time

The average lunch break for employees in the United States lasts just over 30 minutes. For the majority of people, this is simply not enough time to purchase food and have enough time to eat it. When you bring your own lunch and keep it handy in the office, there is no need for you to waste time driving, walking, or otherwise dealing with the hassle of getting lunch from an outside restaurant or vendor. Having your lunch ready for you at the office gives you more time to eat it!

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A Simple Guide to Multiple Income Streams for Working Professionals

If you’re like most people, you only have one source of income: your job. What if you had many sources of income? How would you feel if you had money coming in from investments and freelance work besides your full-time salary?

By having a variety of income streams, you can smooth out financial bumps in the road. Let’s say you lose your job. If that’s the only way you make money, you’re in trouble. However, if you have other sources of income, you’ll be much better off. 

You can also achieve your financial goals more quickly by diversifying your revenue. Having many income streams can be immensely beneficial if you’re saving for a down payment on a house or retiring early.

There are endless ways to create a variety of sources of income. Here are some examples.

Create Multiple Investments

If you’re already a high earner and you spend all your time working on one business model, focus on building a portfolio of investments.

There are a few things you should keep in mind if you choose this route:

First, high-net-worth wealth management advisors typically recommend balancing your portfolio across a variety of asset classes. Make sure you diversify your earnings by investing in stocks, bonds, and other assets.

Second, diversify the length of your investments. Although short-term investments may be more volatile, they can also provide high returns. In comparison, a long-term investment may be more stable, but its returns may not be as high.

Third, remember purchasing multiple stocks or other asset classes to sell at a higher price in the future isn’t a sprint–it’s a marathon. It takes time and patience to build a diversified portfolio that will provide you with income. However, the rewards can be well worth the effort if you persist.

Build Multiple Businesses

Having more than one business has many benefits. If you work full-time, your best option is to build an online business during your free time. It is essential, however, to learn how to improve your productivity while working from home. If you need some extra cash to get a business up and running, then you can get an installment loan from a company like Western Shamrock. This can give you the short-term cash you need to invest in a new business. 

You can start a blog and use it to sell products or services. It is also possible to start an online course or write an eBook. Some people prefer to buy a franchise or other out of the box business. Regardless of your choice, make sure to pick something you’re enthusiastic about, so you’ll be motivated to stick with it. It takes time and effort to build several streams of revenue, but it’s well worth it.

Set SMART Goals for Prosperity

How do you set goals to generate a variety of income sources, whether from investments or business ventures? 

Identifying your current sources of income is the first step. By doing this, you will have a baseline to work from as you develop new revenue opportunities. 

Setting SMART goals is the next step. A SMART goal is Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, and Timely. 

By using this acronym, you can develop clear and actionable goals. For instance, a specific goal might be to earn $500 more per month from freelance writing within six months. A measurable goal would be to track the number of hours spent writing and earnings each month. An achievable goal would be realistic given your current employment and commitments. Lastly, setting a time-bound goal will keep you motivated and prevent procrastination.

Start Creating Your Diverse Sources of Income Today

By building several businesses and diversifying your portfolio, you can improve your financial stability and quality of life. For instance, if you have a full-time job and earn paychecks from freelancing as well as renting out property and investing in dividend-paying stocks, you are less dependent on only one way of getting money. Having more than one source of revenue will keep you motivated and inspired because you can weather economic downturns. You’ll have many options to fall back on if one income model dries up.


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5 Things you need to research before buying a franchise

5 Things you need to research before buying a franchise


If you’re considering buying a franchise, there are many different things you should research before making an investment into any franchise but here we list the 5 most important things you need to know before taking the plunge. Franchise businesses have some distinct advantages over starting your own business, but it also comes with its own set of risks and can easily become an overwhelming task if you don’t do your research first. In order to help you make the best decision possible, here are 5 things you need to know before buying a franchise.


1) What are the franchises earning projections looking like?

First and foremost when buying a franchise the most important thing to know is how much money you are expected to make within the first months/years etc. This is the most important thing because the aim of buying a franchise is to own a profitable business, a way of finding out whether this is a profitable opportunity is through talking to the franchisor, current and previous franchisees and by of course, checking the company accounts.


2) Is the industry right for you?

Secondly when looking into buying a franchise for sale it is important to note that it is a long term investment, meaning that you will have to buy into an industry you are passionate about so work will not feel like work! This way you will be able to work within this business for years without getting tired of it and selling up.


3) What should I look for in a franchise business opportunity?

There are many important things to look for before committing to buying a franchise for sale. One of those things to look for is checking whether the existing franchisees are happy with owning the particular franchise you are looking at, if they are then this could just be the right business opportunity for you. After all, who would know better than existing franchisees whether this


4) What financing options are available when investing in a franchise?

Franchises can be expensive, so it’s important to know your financing options before you make any commitments. There are a few different ways to finance a franchise: personal savings, small business loans, and franchisor financing. Each option has its own set of pros and cons, so it’s important to do your research and figure out what will work best for you and your business.


5) What is the initial investment fee?

The initial investment fee is the amount of money you need to pay the franchisor upfront in order to obtain the rights to open and operate a franchise location. This fee can range from a few thousand dollars to several hundred thousand dollars, depending on the franchise, the brand name and the profitability of the company itself.


Where is the best place to search for a franchise?

There are many different online resources and websites that allow you to search through franchises for sale. The best websites we have found where you can search for franchises for sale are either https://www.franchise-uk.co.uk/ or https://businesses-for-sale-uk.co.uk/. These websites are amazing since they do not only provide an amazing directory of the newest and most exciting business opportunities up for grabs but they also provide free information on how to progress and teach you the basics of franchising which is crucial when you are a beginner.


Final thoughts

If you are a first time business owner a franchise can be an amazing opportunity for you to get the experience of running your own successful business with support if you need it. If you want to learn more about franchising consider visiting the websites listed above where you can browse franchises and learn more about how franchising works.


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How Important Is Technology in Education?

Of the various industries, education is perhaps more reliant on technology than any other. As our world becomes more and more digitally focused and kids are introduced to technology far earlier than we were, education and technology are going hand in hand.

It’s not without its challenges, however. Teachers have to learn the ins and outs of it to teach students clearly and effectively, while students constantly need help with it or they fall behind others.

But do students and teachers even agree on how important is technology in education?

Well, let’s find out.

Engaged and Interactive Experience

It has been used to create engaging and interactive learning experiences for students of all ages. Today, technology is more important than ever in education. It can help to increase student engagement and motivation.

Educators can create education guides, lesson plans, and more engaging assignments. Also, it helps create lessons that are relevant to real-world experiences.

Additionally, technology can help to connect students with experts and mentors. They can provide guidance and support outside of the classroom.

You should then discover more how technology can improve a child’s focus and attention to have a quality education.

Self Paced Learning

Technology in education can be a great way to help students learn at their own pace. If a student is struggling with a certain concept, they can use online resources to get more help.

They can also watch videos or read articles at their own pace to better understand the material. In addition, online quizzes and tests can help students measure their understanding of the material.

Enhanced Student Learning

Learning about technology allows students to engage with the material in new ways. For example, using a computer program to create a presentation about a topic can help a student understand the material better than reading about it in a textbook. Online research tools can help students find information more and easier than going to the library and looking through physical resources.

With technology, students have access to a wealth of information and resources that can help them to learn and grow in their academic pursuits. Additionally, technology can help to level the playing field for students who may not have the same opportunities for learning outside of the classroom.

Develop New Skills

It can help students develop new skills. For example, students can use technology to learn how to code or create a website. Another thing, students can use a learning management system to submit assignments and keep track of their grades.

Tools for Student’s Assessment

Technology is an essential part of education. Having tools for student assessment helps ensure that students are learning properly and understand the concepts they are being taught.

Technology also allows educators to track student progress and identify areas where they may need additional help. Additionally, technology can help create a more engaging and interactive learning experience for students.

Know How Important is Technology in Education

Technology is playing an increasingly important role in education. As schools invest more in digital learning resources, teachers are finding new ways to use technology to improve learning outcomes for students. There is evidence that technology can help improve student engagement and motivation, as well as provide new opportunities for collaboration and communication.

While there is no one-size-fits-all approach to using technology in education, it is clear that it can be a powerful tool for enhancing teaching and learning. That is why it is important to know how important is technology in education.

Make sure to browse our site for more educational advice and fresh blog posts.

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