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Driving Safety Tips with Pets

Is your pet running crazy in the car? Not only could it be dangerous, but it could be against the law. If you are like me, you take your dog almost everywhere, especially when its nice out. There’s dog parks, … Continue reading

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Top 8 Pet Friendly Hotels on the Gulf Coast

My favorite place to visit the beach is the Gulf Coast of Florida. Beautiful weather, beautiful beaches, and a calm ocean (perfect for snorkeling)! We spend most of our time at the beach, and then of course at our hotel. … Continue reading

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How to Give Your Pet a Perfect Life

A pet is part of the family. In fact, pet owners commonly accommodate their pets even if it meaning going out of their way, spending extra money for toys and supplies, and some people might even move locations for a … Continue reading

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5 Advantageous Reasons to Adopt an Older Dog

Thinking of getting a cute little puppy for your family? You need to rethink your choices. The highly popular message of “Adopt, don’t shop” Helps both dogs that need a home and homes that want a dog. A puppy is … Continue reading

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Tips for a Healthy Dog in Summertime

If you have a pet dog, you get to have a loyal and steadfast companion all year long. Like humans, dogs have different needs for each season, and there are some special tips you should keep in mind to make … Continue reading

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