5 Simple Steps to Dog Proofing Your Vehicle

We’ve talked about safe driving with your pets, but how do you actually dog proof your vehicle so it’s not a hot mess? Here’s 5 simple steps to dog proofing your vehicle.

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Get It Clean First

Getting your car cleaned out first is the first step to getting your  vehicle ready for your pup. Use a wet/dry vac to get all the ick and dirt out. Make sure that the vac is strong enough so it can pull moisture out of the fibers, and if it’s not, it will be worth it to take it to a professional and let them do it.

Seat Covers are Magic

A dog seat cover that is water and scratch proof can be the magical key to protecting your  car. These can help keep your seats and floor almost dog hair free. It’s worth the investment for easy clean up, let me tell you. Some dog hair just like magically attaches itself to your seats, and its nearly impossible to get off. Buy one that you can easily through in the wash for when it gets muddy, or too hairy. These are especially awesome if you take your dog hiking or mudding, and they protect not only the seat they are sitting in, but the back of your drivers seat at well!

Keep Your Windows Covered Too

Literally I have them on my window as we speak – nose prints and slobber streaks! But I found out a trick recently that I’m going to start using – cover your windows with a clear plastic wrap; it won’t impare your  vision, and you can legit just pull it off and throw it away once you’re done.  Press n’ seal actually works great.

Be Prepared for “Accidents”

Even the most well behaved and trained dog has accidents – especially if they get nervous. Make sure you keep a upholstery (or leather) cleaner and rag in the back to remove spots. (make sure you check your vehicles manual to see what they recommend) but this will help get the mess cleaned up before it ‘sets’ in.
You can also keep some essential oils on hand to keep your car smelling fresh after any incident. They don’t just cover odors, but they eliminate them completely.

Keep Them Secure and Safe

As I mentioned before, I wrote a whole post on driving safely with your pets, but again, please make sure you have a harness that attaches to a seat belt so that keeps them from moving around and being crazy when the car is moving. (plus, its also a law in most states). My pup has legit jumped up in my lap from the back seat while I was driving, and it made a turn nearly impossible. Even if they are used to roaming, they will get used to it – just make sure they can see out the window so they don’t get too anxious or car sick. You can get adjustable pet car seats that will hold them and keep them safe,  and still let them have a a view.

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