Driving Safety Tips with Pets

Is your pet running crazy in the car? Not only could it be dangerous, but it could be against the law.

If you are like me, you take your dog almost everywhere, especially when its nice out. There’s dog parks, or even vacation and pets are part of the family and are welcome to  come along – but you need to make sure that you are being especially careful and you know the laws to protect you and yours and others on the road.

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Some states require that your furry friends be restrained. Ohio for example, requires that they be tethered or in a carrier when riding in the car. The fine for violating these laws could be anywhere from $250 – $1000! Make sure to check with your department of motor vehicles or your local vets office to find out the details and laws for your state.

As much as I love my little pup cuddling up to me and letting the wind hit her face while sticking it out the window, it can cause potential risks, like distracted driving not only to you, but others on the road. Not only that, your unrestrained pet can be easily injured or killed from a car accident.

When traveling with your pet you want to make sure you have the following:

A blanket or towel for her to sleep on, or something she loves to lay on like a pillow or such – it’s their ‘security blanket’ and can keep them at ease while traveling.

A collapsible water bowl is a must – they are super convenient and can be folded up to carry in your pocket, backpack or purse for easy carrying

Food – even if it’s only a trip to the dog park, bring a snack or their food just in case.

Any medicines they require should be brought along as well – my pup has allergies so I have an eye cream and benadryl for when her allergies act up.

Accessories such as sweaters, boots, life jackets, toys, a leash, and other things you might need to guarantee their safety and comfort.

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