How to Give Your Pet a Perfect Life

A pet is part of the family. In fact, pet owners commonly accommodate their pets even if it meaning going out of their way, spending extra money for toys and supplies, and some people might even move locations for a better environment for their pet. Different pets require different accommodations, however, so what’s does yours need for maximum happiness? Give your pet the best with this simple guide.


Your dog will always think you’re the best person in the world, even if your cat doesn’t. For this loyalty, your dog should be rewarded. Whether you have a Pomeranian or Rhodesian Ridgeback, all dogs deserve their own bed. Pamper your dog with top-tier dog food as well. Make sure your pooch is fed with grain-free food; grain-heavy food can cause weight gain in your pup. Top-tier brands like Acana Regionals Dog Food and Holistic Select Grain Free provide great options for both dry and wet foods respectively.

When it comes to fun, your dog is probably a pro. A ride in the car with the windows down, a walk in the park or along the beach, maybe some frisbee or stick toss, will always keep your dog entertained. Many dog breeds require space to roam and run, which may necessitate a move for a larger yard or regular trips to the dog park.


Your cat may sit across from you in the morning with a scowl on her face, but when you’ve had a hard day at work, she also wastes no time on curling up in your lap as you binge your latest Netflix obsession. Make sure your cat gets the exercise she needs while you’re gone all day with a cat castle, tree or condo. Cats have a natural instinct for heights that lets them survey the lay of the land.

For a treat, get your cat organic catnip and a feather dangly. Similarly to dogs, cats shouldn’t be fed grain-heavy foods, as it can increase their weight. Feline Natural and Orijen are two of the top cat food brands of 2018.


Rabbits are a more uncommon pet due to the fact they are prey animals. Rabbits can be afraid of anything, so it’s paramount that you provide safe places for him to hide. Cardboard boxes with two exits can work well indoors. If he is an outdoor rabbit, a thoroughly fenced yard coupled with a tube system he can hide in will also make him happy.

Rabbits graze, and they don’t do well with specific eating times. Rather, rabbits do best when they can nibble on grass, lettuce, carrots, etc. all day long. However, rabbits can be beggars when it comes to pellet food. Resist his cute wiggly nose, as overfeeding will cause weight gain.

Dogs, cats and rabbits all have special needs. Dogs typically require more outdoor time, while cats are self-sufficient when given enough food, water and litter. While rabbits will fend for themselves if left outside, it’s important they are given the shelter they need to hide from potential predators. Take the steps above to ensure your pet is happy, healthy and leads the best life it possibly can.


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