You Need Those 40 Winks! The Ways Being Tired Can Really Hurt

On a scale of 1 to 10, how tired are you right now? It seems that we are all susceptible to major bouts of tiredness, but we all tend to feel that we have to just get on with it. While there’s a lot more being communicated about why you should get a good night’s sleep, and that it’s as important as eating, maybe it’s better that we point out what being tired all the time and fatigue, in general, can really do to us.


Fatigue As A Symptom Of Something Deeper

As we get older, our bodies can naturally get a little bit more fatigued, but if this is something you just been putting up with for years on end, the fatigue might be symptomatic of something far worse. If you’re someone who works during the night, for example, it’s known that people in these roles are more susceptible to heart disease and cancer. While there are illnesses like breast cancer that aren’t necessarily dependent on fatigue as a way to diagnosis, if you are concerned there is a deeper health problem, it is vital you consult a health professional. It may be that you are greatly lacking in a key vitamin or mineral, in which case, a supplement can be prescribed.


The Impacts On Your Daily Life

Feeling tired all the time can be symptomatic of a major illness, but it may be not something in a physical sense. Depression and anxiety can cause fatigue because you are on high alert all of the time. This sensation of constantly being in fight or flight mode is incredibly exhausting. Not only this but going through life like this means that your ability to do the basic functions, like driving or doing your job, can feel like a major task. Driving under extreme fatigue is one of the major causes of accidents, and consulting any auto accident lawyer under these circumstances highlights just how common driving tired actually is. While we all experience some sort of tiredness behind the wheel, if it takes a major incident like a car crash to highlight just how much of a problem your fatigue is, it’s best not to get behind the wheel until this is solved. Another example of something that causes fatigue is a food allergy. This can be fixed by embarking on an elimination diet, but if you’ve found that for years on end that you are always sleepy, and find that you need to go to bed early, a food allergy could very well be the cause.


Being tired all the time is, unfortunately, very common nowadays. And while we have pointed out a few of the underlying causes, it’s amazing how many of us don’t even bother attempting to fix the issue. While it could be that your tiredness represents something far deeper, you could consider this to be a sign that you need to slow your life down. So many of us overwork, and it’s only when we have a major health scare we decide to actually slow down. Instead, consider it a sign that you need to take another look at your life habits.

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