How to Care for a Jacuzzi Hot Tub

Jacuzzi hot tubs are often considered the best of the best. As a Jacuzzi owner, you want to keep your spa looking and performing as well as it possibly can for as long as possible. We have a few tips for how you can care for your Jacuzzi.

Spa Care

The body of your Jacuzzi will need to be cleaned from time to time. Any time you drain your hot tub, you should be sure that you are properly cleaning the body of the spa. You should be draining your hot tub at least once a quarter, but if you are using the hot tub a lot or it has been sitting unused and untreated for an extended period of time, you may need to drain it earlier.

You should use a product made specifically for cleaning a hot tub because you need a cleaner that won’t damage the spa’s shell. You want to wipe down all the internal surfaces of the tub, including the jets. You just need to be careful when wiping down the jets.

Rinse the tub and drain it completely before refilling it with water. Once the water has refilled, you will need to add all the necessary chemicals back into before you use it again.

Cleaning your Jacuzzi spa cover is also important. If you leave the cover dirty, then bacteria will drip down into the clean water when evaporation forms on the cover. Making sure your spa cover is free from bacteria

Water Care

Water maintenance is one of the most important aspects of hot tub ownership. A Jacuzzi spa can be very easy to care for with just a little bit of time out of your week.

After Using the Tub

To keep up with the water maintenance, it is a good idea to treat and clean the water after each use. Do this by following these steps:

  • Add one teaspoon of chlorine sanitizer
  • Add one capful of shock treatment
  • Run the jets for five minutes before closing the cover

If you have been using the hot for a long time or a lot of people have been in and out of the water, you may need to go ahead and use the recommended amount of the shock treatment.

Weekly Care

Once a week, you should test the water using test strips to make sure that the pH levels are in the normal range. You can also use mineral water softeners and sanitizers to make sure that the water in your hot tub is clean and safe to use.

Monthly Care

Each month, you should:

  • Rinse and clean the spa filters
  • Add scale remover if you have hard water

To keep your hot tub in good condition while you clean and dry your filter, you should always keep two filters on hand. When you take the dirty one out, clean it, and replace it with the clean one. When the filter you are cleaning dries, store it until next month, so you can then swap it out with the dirty one.

Quarterly Care

Draining and cleaning the hot tub and all of its accessories is necessary about once every three or four months. No amount of chemicals can clean water after a certain point, so it is best just to get everything cleaned every quarter to make sure your hot tub is safe and clean.

It is also the time to replace your micro filter and your mineral distributing cartridge. These items must be replaced every quarter to prevent unsanitary conditions in your hot tub.

Yearly Care

Replace your water filter every year, especially if you aren’t using more than filter throughout the year. Annual replacement of your UV-C bulbs is also important. You don’t want these bulbs going out without you noticing, so it is best to replace them once a year.


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