Winter Emergency Kit Must Have’s for Your Jeep

If you live anywhere that snow is a part of your winter, you NEED to have a winter emergency kit for your Jeep. Though some Jeeps are made for rough terrain, being prepared is essential for winter driving. Here’s a list of must have’s for your Jeeps winter emergency kit:

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Extra coolant

Rain-X (you’d be surprised how often wipers stop working)

Extra windshield washer fluid – I keep full size bottles, but you can also do a spray bottle depending on how much you want to keep in your vehicle

Radiator hose repair kit, or extra hose. (Make sure you have the correct size tubes and hoses!)

Rags and a funnel!

I always recommend a fire extinguisher – (you can find one on Amazon here)

Road flares and emergency triangles (you can sometimes get these in a in-store bought emergency roadside kit)

duct and electrical tape

Tire chains (if you live somewhere that they are legal)

Fix a Flat!

Spare tire – jack and lug wrench (you can buy a spare tire at your local dealership service department)

Shovel – they have collapsible onesĀ 

If you plan on helping others out of trouble, make sure you have your strap, D-ring shackles, winch controller and whatever else you normally bring when you pull your friends out of the mud!

Zippo lighter

Survival Gear – sleeping bags, blankets, gloves, hats, socks, extra outfits, etc. (especially if you are traveling far, or in remote places)

Water and snacks – I actually keep a case of water in the back of my car because we can use it even if we aren’t stuck in the snow – but maybe just in traffic. I also keep granola bars, energy/protein bars, nuts and easy snacks in my car (it comes in handy for summer too!)

Flashlight and extra batteries (I keep those in the car as well


Phone charger and battery pack (just in case your vehicle dies)

What else would you add to your Jeeps emergency winter kit?

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