Genesis Brand Offers Cutting Edge Technology in Partnership with Amazon

We have all heard of the Amazon Echo   which is a virtual assistant for your home – but did you know that the Genesis G80 and G90 are compatible with Amazon Echo and Amazon Alexa? You can use your Amazon Echo to control aspects of car – like starting it ,locking it, and even setting the interior temp. The Alexa and Echo can work with your vehicle to make your life easier!

By using your Amazon Alexa enabled device, you can issue voice commands to your Genesis – being able to control the lights, locks, start and turn off the engine, makes the Genesis a top vehicle for tech-loving buyers!

So if you are ready for a luxury vehicle that gives you the technologically advancements that put Back to the Future to shame, check out the Genesis G80 and G90. You can check out these luxury vehicles at Central Avenue Genesis Dealership.


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