Preparing Your Jeep for Winter Weather

Before winter hits us full force (though I say in some places, it already has) there is some maintenance that you should to do prepare your Jeep for winter weather and keep it running and in good shape for the freezing cold temps

  • Make sure that your cooling system is prepared for the cold – if you are unsure, it’s best to drain the liquid and replace it to make sure it has the right mixture of antifreeze and water. Driving in the cold and snow is really hard on your cooling system with running a higher RPM, higher engine loads – the system definitely is working extra hard and you want to make sure it’s in tip top shape.
  • Always check the hoses as well! Check for cracks and wear. If in doubt – just replace them! The temp cycles are rough on rubber, so your best bet it to replace them with new ones (and they aren’t all that expensive!)
  • Check driveshafts – check to see if any of  the U-joints are going bad and if so – replace those too!
  • check axles, transmission and transfer case for water if you’ve went ‘muddin’ – it can make those fluids ‘muck’!
  • Swap to winter tires (if you have them!) If not, check your tires for wear and tear, dry rotting and of course tread depth. If they have gone bad, make sure to replace them right away (check out the great deals on tires at  Junction Auto Family)
  • Lubricate all doors and tailgates
  • Check your accessory drive belts. If they are cracked replace it (and keep another one under the seat as a spare)
  • Check brake fluid – and brake pads of course.
  • Not only for Jeeps, but ANY vehicle, spray the rubber on the door, tailgate ,liftgate and hood seals with silicone based spray to keep your doors from getting frozen!
  • Headlights, turn signal, winch cable controller, fan connectors – check them, grease them, etc. connections corrode a lot faster during the winter and can cause other problems as well.


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