When to Replace Your Car Battery

Getting in your car, it starting right up and taking off to your destination sometimes is taken for granted – until it doesn’t. A dead battery can be a very big inconvenience and can cause you to be left somewhere stranded, so that is why it’s very important to know when you should replace your car battery.

There are warning signs you can look for before your battery is no longer strong enough to start your engine – sometimes it can be a human error, (like leaving your lights on , or not closing your door all the way – I’m guilty! ) and usually that can be fixed by jump starting your car – however, there are other problems that can let you know that your battery is reaching the end of its life and it’s time for a replacement.

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Age of the Battery
One of the most common reasons to replace your battery is age – usually a car battery will last you approximately 5 to 7 years. If you are reaching those age markers, keep a close eye on it. Y

How Often You Drive
Some batteries last the 7 years or longer – some don’t make it 4. A lot of it has to do with how often you drive. Driving your car = charging your battery. If you take your car out and drive daily, the battery is probably going to last longer than a battery in a car that sits for a long period of time.

Time it Takes for the Engine to Start
If your car engine isn’t starting as quick as it once was, it could be that your battery is failing. If lights on your dashboard flicker, or you have to try and start it more than once, it could indicate your battery is getting weak and it needs replaced

A few other factors that might contribute to needing to replace your car battery:

Headlights dim when the car is idling, and brighten up when you rev the engine
You see signs of corrosion at the battery terminal or on the cables
Things like the power windows and locks run slowly
If you notice these types of things happening, your best bet would be to get a new battery – just take your car to the dealership body shop. They will test the battery for you, and let you know how much battery power is left and they will let you know if you should replace it or not.

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