What to Do if Your Car is Recalled

It can be a bit shocking to find out that your vehicle has been recalled – and it happens more than most people realize. There were 159 VOLUNTARY recalls in 2018, which affected over 14.5  million vehicles last year alone.
With so many new cars on the market, the chance of yours being recalled during its lifespan is pretty good.

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What is a Recall?

A recall results from a number of events – car manufacturers will put their products through multiple tests, and may issue a recall based on those findings. If your vehicle is subject to recall, don’t freak out! It doesn’t mean there is a defect per sey, but sometimes it is just to check for potential ones.

Recalls are issued because it could make your vehicle unsafe in some way – you don’t have to wait to be contacted by mail, which happens two to three months after the recall is announced. You are transporting your family and friends in this vehicle – you can get it in right away! 

What Should I Do if My Car is Recalled?

The recall letter will have instructions on how to proceed – usually they will have you take your vehicle to an authorized dealership to  check for defects, update software, or replace parts. Just be sure to call and set up an appointment before hand.

Does a Recall Cost Me Anything?

For any recall, defective parts are replaced at no cost. Other things – it would depend. Most manufacturers will provide free rentals, taxi reimbursements and even free pick up/drop off of the vehicle.

Don’t Ignore It

When you do get a recall notice for your vehicle – don’t ignore it. It’s not safe for you – or anyone else on the road – to continue driving a recalled vehicle without getting repairs or updates made. Even if it seems like a minor issue, it could still have disastrous consequences. 





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