Vacation Snack List: Don’t forget the Goldfish Puffs

I shopped for Pepperidge Goldfish Puffs and other snacks for our vacation as part of a sponsored post for Collective Bias® but all opinions and thoughts are my own.


Next week my kids, myself, and my parents will all load into my Mom’s minivan and make a 16 hour drive down to Florida for our first ‘real’ vacation. Yes, that is six of us loaded up with our luggage headed to Anna Maria Island and then of course we will hit up a few theme parks in Orlando such as Disney World, Busch Gardens and SeaWorld. (YAY!)

The trip alone can be pricey, so this Mama has set a budget we must stick to. Especially with food & snacks. I know my kids love to run into the gas station or convenience store and pick out a $2 bag of chips, and a $2 pop just because it’s fun.. But $4 a kid each stop can really start to add up.
So we decided to make a quick trip to Target to stock up on some great snacks for the road trip.


The kids head straight for the ‘fishies’ as my son calls it. They always pick their own bag of Pepperidge Farm Goldfish, and rarely share with the others. So I always make sure we have plenty, especially if we are on any kind of road trip, let alone for 16 hours!

I was pleased to see that not only were the NEW only at Target Goldfish Puffs were on sale, but so were the original Goldfish – and they had about every flavor (score 1 for Mom!) The kids went nuts over the Goldfish puffs, and of course had to have a bag of their own. What was great is we were able to try all 3 flavors, Mega Cheese, Cheddar Bacon, and Buffalo Wing.


We got a few bags of each, some Juicy Juice, and some natural fruit strips – along with a Mickey T-shirt for the birthday boy to wear in DisneyWorld (I told you I was on a budget) and our vacation snack shopping was complete.


But of course the Puffs didn’t even make it to the snack bag – they broke right into them as soon as we got in the car! My girls went crazy over the spicy hot Buffalo Wing Puffs, (a bit too spicy for my 4 yr old), but they are perfect flavor for teens or preteens. They all really enjoyed the Mega Cheese & Cheddar Bacon (the Cheddar Bacon was definitely my favorite). The great thing is they have a built-in fresh keeper, you just pull the sticky over top the bag to keep them fresh-so now they can go in the vacation bag- and we are all set.





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4 Responses to Vacation Snack List: Don’t forget the Goldfish Puffs

  1. Jaclyn Edwards says:

    Wow, I didn’t know there were Goldfish Puffs! I think my kids would love them. I’ll have to be on lookout for them.

  2. they do make a great car trip snack. have a great trip.

  3. Great photos. My son loves regular goldfish so I wil have to look into Goldfish puffs. I love shopping at Target too.

  4. sherry butcher says:

    Good to hear about the new Puff goldfish. I usually go to WalMart and try to have coupons for stuff to take on road trips. We even have the first meal ready in the cooler so we just stop at a nice rest area the kids can run around getting some excerise.

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