Fitness Friday: Why You Don’t Need a Gym Membership

In the past every time I got my ‘mojo’ back and decide to start working  out again, I assumed that I needed to join a gym. Where else would I have access the equipment I needed to get back into shape?

After hundreds of dollars spent, and only days at the gym due to scheduling conflicts (either my work, or the kids activities) I decided to get smart…I started researching and I found my life saver…






I never realized the plethora of fitness information – cardio work outs, arm work outs, leg work outs, glut work get the picture. .. all at my fingertips. FOR FREE!


I could use the YouTube app on my phone, my iPad, or my laptop. Virtually anywhere  I would be, or any time , I had access to something better then the gym.


Looking for a quick cardio workout? Look no farther!


Working on those arms to get in shape for those sleeveless tops for summer??


How about those legs & butt??


As you can see, there are many ways you can get whatever work out you need, right at home. (or on vacation, or visiting relatives, and even at work!)

Have you ever worked out with a YouTube Video? What’s your favorite??

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