Quick & Easy Recipes with Tyson Chicken Fries

As part of a post sponsored by Collective Bias I am sharing some quick & easy dinner recipes using Tyson Chicken Fries purchased from Sam’s Club.

I have a confession. I must confess that I don’t always cook from scratch. Maybe some of you are shocked, other’s are probably laughing because you know me.

Either way when it  comes to dinners I would sometimes get stuck in a rut and continue to make the  same things over and over – much to the dismay of all 3 of my  children. So I decided to switch it up a bit and start thinking outside the box.  I started with Tyson Chicken Fries and worked some magic.



First of all, I do a lot of shopping at Sam’s Club. It saves me money, and prevents me from having to run to the store every other day. On a normal week day I have myself and 3 children to feed, but on the weekends my husband and step-son are home, so that up’s the ante. A growing almost 16 yr old boy can eat just as much or even more then the other 3 kids combined! So when I buy, I buy in bulk.

A general recipe I usually use for a quick chicken dinner, is usually pretty simple and well, boring. I cook up the chicken fries, add some green beans and mac n cheese and we have a dinner! But even the kids get sick of the same old thing, and frankly, so did I. So for a twist I came up with a few ‘outside the box’ quick and easy recipes.


By far my favorite, and the easiest is the Tyson Chicken Fries Wrap. Cook the chicken fries per the directions. Use tortillas for the wrap (feel free to use whole wheat for a healthier version) add lettuce, cheese, ranch dressing, and anything else your heart desires. This is a favorite of my youngest daughter as well – she likes to pair it up with some fruit for dinner. Definitely yummy, quick and easy. Took less  then 15 minutes to prepare and be ready to eat!



Another simple, yet delish recipe is the Chicken Parmesan. Use any type of noodle you desire, bake per directions, bake the Chicken Fries as stated on the bag as well. Add spaghetti sauce, top with the chicken fries – add cheese. My oldest daughter loves anything Italian, and this was definitely her favorite of all. You can also cut up the chicken and mix it in for a twist on spaghetti meat sauce.



Another favorite in the house was the Chicken Fries Taco. Pre heat oven to directions on box. Sprinkle taco seasoning to the top of the chicken fries before you bake them. We love hard tacos around my house, as well as lettuce and salsa. Definitely a yummy taco! I added some black & pinto beans as a side dish. Another meal that took less then 15 minutes to prepare!


Do you have any outside the box recipes using Tyson Chicken Fries? Feel free to share!

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9 Responses to Quick & Easy Recipes with Tyson Chicken Fries

  1. Thanks for making me hungry! 🙂

  2. Yum!! I love Tyson products! I haven’t tried the chicken fries but I will soon! Thanks for sharing!

  3. I love those chicken fries!! The taco sounds interesting.

  4. Laura Smith says:

    I like using these on a salad they are delicious

  5. Allyson Tice says:

    This is great! my kids live on these chicken fingers! Now i can make something new for them but still use the chicken fingers! i think i may try this with popcorn chicken too!

  6. rebeka deleon says:

    i like the chicken fries wrap idea. yum. we need to start buying in bulk also with 3 kids. hope we can buy a big freezer to keep in the basement so we can do that!

  7. Sara Merritt says:

    Great ideas! I love wraps with crunchy chicken & veggies in them. 🙂

  8. Kamla L. says:

    Sounds like great quick & easy ideas especially for the older kids to make on their own after school.

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