Traveling Overseas? Don’t Forget Your ‘Freedome’

Over the past few weeks I’ve been talking alot about your F-Secure Freedome. Besides being a great VPN solution to keep you safe from the spies and hackers of the internet, F-Secure also offers you a virtual location that gives you access to geo-restricted content anywhere in the world.


In the U.S. we tend to take our freedom of, well, about everything, for granted. The thought of trying to get on Facebook or Twitter, and a big BLOCKED sign flashing at your because your government decided they didn’t want you to see what was being said probably wouldn’t go over well. But this happens in other countries every day. 

So what happens if you are traveling there? For work, or even for pleasure? What if you are overseas and need to access a site and just can’t???

F-secure Freedome Network has come up with a way that you can – with the virtual location settings, you can access any part of the internet that you need – no matter where you are.  Not only is this a great feature for traveling to other countries, but it’s also great when traveling in the states. Hackers and spies know when you’re traveling, no matter how ‘safe’ you go about it. Even without post on Facebook and Instagram about how much fun you are having at the beach, they can read your location and your home location. Leaving your home – and accounts – easier access than any other time.

Whether you’re on your phone, your PC, or even your tablet, F-secure can keep you safe, protected, and free to roam the internet at you choose.

Don’t forget to sign up for your free 14-day trial before it ends! Check out the ‘Freedome!’


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  1. Mai T. says:

    Using phone when traveling abroad is always my problem. It’s good to check out price for roaming always good time before travel.

  2. Hina momin says:

    Good time

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