Tips to Help you Stick with Exercise

It will come as no surprise that statistically people are bigger than they were fifty years ago. Obesity rates have skyrocketed, as high as 79% in some areas of Australia. More and more desk based jobs, along with an increase in fatty foods, have turned this issue into a worrying epidemic.

Despite this, Australians are still seen as some of the most health conscious people in the world. Great weather means that outdoor activity is mutually loved, and is much more common than in countries like the UK or the USA.

Generally, the New Year is a fresh start for many people that want to make 2014 the year they finally get fit. Amazingly, Australia is different from the rest of the Western world in that the most popular month to join the gym is August, as people prepare to get that beach body during the summer months.

  • Don’t overstretch yourself

Set realistic targets and goals to motivate yourself. Probably the most common problems with newbie exercisers is that they get too eager and pay for a whole array of equipment, shakes and memberships, and then quickly give up the whole idea. It is a mistake to over enthusiastically plan a grueling workout schedule, only to abandon it weeks later because it was difficult to fit into everyday life.

  • Keep track of your progress

Use something simple as a pen and paper to keep a note of any activity, or alternatively use an app to track workouts and dieting. There are several free ones to get you started on the Apple and Android app stores. Also, joining an online website like the Curves Community is the perfect way to gain motivation from people who have been through exactly what you have.

  • Make it part of your day

Not having enough time is one of the major excuses for a lack of exercise; full-time jobs and family life can understandably get in the way. Trying to get into a routine, where it is established that certain days are gym days, means that you are much more likely to go. Working out at a time that is best for you, whether it is morning or evening, and sticking to it means it is easier to fit around everyday life. If lunchtime is “gym time” in your head, then nothing can interrupt that.

  • Grab a friend

Having a workout buddy makes it easier to motivate your get-up-and-go. It also means joining a gym with a bad level of fitness is not so daunting. There are lots of benefits to having a work out buddy, it is also a great opportunity to catch up and be social whilst working on your fitness together.

  • Don’t waste your money

Gym memberships are a good investment, if you actually make use of them. When just setting out on a fitness journey, perhaps starting with a couple of classes or joining a weight loss community can help you tailor your life to the workout that is right for you.

Curves Complete is a supportive network of like minded women focused on weight loss. With fitness videos, meal plans and coaching they are the perfect support that you need to begin a weight loss program.

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  1. Caryl Anne says:

    I agree that having a workout buddy will help keep you motivated and dedicated to any workout program. Another great option would be to hire a personal trainer. These individuals can help create and plan a program that best fits you and your needs while helping you throughout the entire process. Thanks for sharing your tips!

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