Tips for Saving Money at Kings Island

If you live in, or have ever visited Cincinnati, chances are you have heard of or most likely even visited the infamous Kings Island Amusement Park. If you haven’t heard of it, Kings Island in located in the Mason area of Cincinnati and is an amusement park/water park in one! It is a great family friendly place to visit, and personally one of my favorite things to do in the Summer living here in the Cincinnati area. Kings Island opened in 1972 and is home to over over 40 rides, from family friendly rides, those just for the kiddies, as well as thrill seeking rides. Kings Island also has some record holding roller coasters, including the world’s longest inverted roller coaster, The Banshee, as well as the longest wooden roller coaster, The Beast. There is so much to do at Kings Island, it’s not just rides and roller coasters, but also games, food, concerts, as well as a water park filled with so much more fun to add! As much fun as amusement parks are, they can be VERY expensive! Especially if you have a big family! Here are a few tips to help save a few dollars on your visits!
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Tickets/Season Passes:
-If you’re going to be visiting for just one day, where you just need a one day ticket. I recommend picking up your tickets at your local Kroger or Meijer grocery store. Retailers like these are a few dollars cheaper than if you get your tickets from the actual park. Although a couple dollars doesn’t seem like a lot, if you have to buy multiples it can save a lot of money.
-If you’re going to be getting passes for all summer long, I would HIGHLY recommend buying a gold pass over a standard pass. It is a bit more expensive, but there are so many benefits! For example, with a gold pass you get Free Parking, early ride times, entrance to Dinosaurs Live! An interactive show within the park. Other benefits include 10% off all food and merchandise, and occasional bring a friend free days! Kings Island offers a payment plan that you can set up for about $16 a month per pass, things easier rather than having to purchase the entire amount at once!
-If you’re going to be visiting for just one day. There is an all day dining pass plan that you can purchase for around $30 per person. Which, this may seem like a lot, but the all dining plan allows you to eat meals all day long with only 90 minute intervals in between. There are various places you can choose from!
-If you’re a season member, you can purchase a dining plan for $105. Which, once again seems like a lot up front…but if you’re going to be a frequent visitor to the park, this plan provides you with lunch and dinner every day that you visit the park throughout the season. This saves a ton of money in the long run if you do visit multiple times throughout the year.
-As far as drinks go, your hands down best option is to purchase the Kings Island Souvenir Cup! You can purchase these online for only $10.99, where as they are about $14 at the park! This may be a lot but a single drink is around $4. If you get multiple throughout the day, that adds up tremendously! You get free refills all day on the first day you purchase, and then only pay $0.99 for every fill throughout the rest of the season!
The only way to really save on merchandise, is to simply be a gold pass member. You will receive 10% off of your entire purchase!
I hope these tips help you to save money when you go to visit Kings Island! Have fun and be safe this summer!
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