Win Job Coach Help with Fifth Third’s Brand of You Sweepstakes

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This is a sponsored post on behalf of Fifth Third. Though I was compensated for my time, you should still read below and enter the contest to win!

Whether you’ve just graduated or you are looking for a new career, the job market can be a scary place. Do you have enough experience? Education? Are you dressing right? Is your resume a glowing reflection of you, or is it lacking? These worries with the stress of interviewing for a position that many other qualified candidates are applying for, can leave you feeling hopeless.

That’s where NextJob comes in. Nextjob is an employment company and their goal is to help job seekers increase their chances of landing the jobs they want, faster and more effectively then going at it alone. Their job coaches help you update and improve your resume and social media profiles to increase your chance of landing that dream job. They provide coaching to prepare you for interviews, and even help you uncover jobs that aren’t listed online. The NextJob coaches help present your personality, experience and desires to help you find the job you are looking for faster. Applicants are three times more likely to get a job with a job coach than without one!


As an inquisitive bank, Fifth Third was curious to see if they could somehow help graduates promote themselves, and land a job. So with the job seeker in mind, Fifth Third has launched the Brand of You contest.



Fifth Third Bank is giving away one-on-one job coaching from expert coaches at NextJob (worth $1,000 each). Every week 80 winners will be matched with a NextJob coach to help them get the job they want!

The coaching is all virtual, making it easy to meet on your own terms. It includes:

Interview prep/coaching

Help finding the 50% of jobs not listed online

Personalized resume editing

Career testing & personality testing to help identify even more opportunities

Creations of enhanced LinkedIn and Twitter Profiles

Flexible scheduling

Plus, everyone who enters gets access to NextJob’s proprietary online training toolkit!!


Tweet why you deserve free one-on-one job coaching from NextJob. Use #BrandofYou and #53enter. You can enter 1 time per day. Up to 80 winners will be selected per week until July 20. (find the official rules here).

Fifth Third is also hosting a Twitter Event where NextJob coaches will provide real time feedback. Event details:


7/8- TwitterResumes


So what are you waiting for?? Go enter and get the job you are hoping for!





This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Fifth Third Bank.


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27 Responses to Win Job Coach Help with Fifth Third’s Brand of You Sweepstakes

  1. Robin Rue (@massholemommy) says:

    I am not in search of a job, but every now and then my husband talks about switching jobs. I’ll tell him about this.

  2. I think this is such a great thing. There are jobs out there, but sometimes you just need a little help to find them.

  3. Thankfully I am not in the market for a job currently. The market is very tight and competitive. This is a great thing that they are offering.

  4. Jaime says:

    This is a great service! I was searching almost two years ago, and fortunately had been provided a service for building my resume.

  5. Pam says:

    I wish I had this service when I first went into teaching. It would have saved me a lot of time.

  6. Liz Mays says:

    It’s so nice that they are providing this service. Graduates are having such a hard time finding jobs right now.

  7. Jeanine says:

    This sounds really great. It can be so difficult to find work so any help for those looking is great!

  8. Over 200 applicants per job? That’s a crazy high amount – I never would have thought!

  9. brandyellen says:

    This is really awesome, many have no clue how to get a job, land an interview or how to be in an interview … this is awesomeness!

  10. Marcie W. says:

    Finding a job after college can be quite difficult, especially during the years I was in school. I think this is such a valuable sweepstakes.

  11. Felicia says:

    Thank you for sharing this resource. It’s a great idea for those looking for a job.

  12. I just signed up to go back to college. I am sure that when I pick up my degree it would be great to have the help to make such a good first impression.

  13. Kristi says:

    Finding a job these days is more than just applying and a job coach would sure be a great step in the process.

  14. Finding a job can be such a difficult process these days! This economy isn’t affording as many opportunities for employment like in the old days!

  15. Sounds like a great service and a great giveaway.

  16. Theresa says:

    This sounds like a great service! I really hope they run the contest again in 2 years when my daughter is getting ready to graduate!

  17. When my husband lost his job two years ago he was unemployed for 9 months! This would have been a very helpful service for him.

  18. crystal says:

    I hear horror stories of people trying to get a job and how long it takes. This sounds like a great service to shorten the amount of time it takes.

  19. That would be great for young graduates. They may teach a lot of things in school, but writing a successful resume and nailing an interview are not one of them, so this would really help!

  20. imnotasupermom says:

    Great contest! Passing this on to my sons. My oldest has a job, but is looking to make a move.

  21. SixFeetUnderBlog says:

    Finding a job is way harder these days. This service sounds like it helps.

  22. Megan @ C'mon Get Crafty says:

    This is a great opportunity for recent graduates. Getting a job right away seems to have only gotten harder.

  23. The Harried Mom says:

    I think a job coach is great for recent graduates or even those trying to re-enter the workplace. They are up to date on what companies are looking for in employees.

  24. That is such a great service for job seekers. It can be so frustrating when you are looking for a job, and help like this can go a long way

  25. Kiwi says:

    Seriously when I was graduating a few years ago…it was the height of the recession and finding a job was painfully hard. Glad fifth thirds bank is helping with this initative!

  26. What an awesome giveaway. It can be so hard finding a job even with degrees, I comment Fifth Third for taking a stand.

  27. Debbie Denny says:

    This sounds like a really nice service. Great for people looking.

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