The Effect that Sugar has on Your Health

Sugar is this century’s killer, like opium dens in the 19th century it has taken over the Western world, slowly creeping into everything we eat and drink. As obesity figures sky rocket and diabetes continues to grow at an unsustainable rate, health experts are warning us – something needs to be done.

Over two thirds of Britain’s are now classed as overweight by Public Health England.  The obesity pandemic continues to cost the NHS £6 billion every year, and is predominantly caused by a sedentary lifestyle coupled with an increase in junk food consumed by society.

A senior Dutch health official has spoken out and claimed that what was once seen as a harmless treat, could in fact be a sinister killer for children and adults alike. Aart Jan van der Lelij claims that; “Sugar is actually a form of addiction. It’s just as hard to get rid of as smoking.”

Can you remember the last time you went a whole day without sugar? I’m not just talking about a day without chocolate or sweets, I mean completely. No fruit, no processed foods, no bread– because sugar is rife in all of them.

If you can’t remember the last time that you went even a few hours without sugar, I encourage you to try. Then you can see for yourself exactly the effect that the chemical named “sucrose” has on your body. Sugar deprivation is no joke, it causes horrible side effects and withdrawal symptoms, similar to a drug detox.

Tough to Avoid

One of the main pitfalls of sugar is that it is everywhere.

Those reduced fat yogurts you purchased last week, thinking they were the perfect thing for a healthy breakfast? Chocked full of sugar.

Scientists scarily estimate that up to 95% of the UK could potentially be addicted, with almost all being unaware of the situation. Maybe that explains why the average Britain eats the equivalent of one hundred and sixty tea spoons a week.

Scientifically, sugar and the effect that it has on your brain could be arguably as dangerous as heroin. Yes, it is readily available in shops and widely distributed, but sugar is one of the foremost contributors to health problems like heart disease, cancer, diabetes and more.

These issues can all be avoided, just by monitoring the amount of sugar you eat.  There is no easy answer to the problem – it is just personal responsibility. Eat healthy, and if you do need sugar then you can get it from natural sources like fruit or honey. Much less destructive, and better for your body.

Lelij is just one of the many health experts crying out publically over the issue that is sugar. Worryingly, he claimed; “This may seem exaggerated and far-fetched but sugar is the most dangerous drug of this time and also everywhere and easy to obtain.” Therein lies the problem.

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