Tackling Fleas & Tapeworm with #SentinelSpectrum

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We’ve talked recently about protecting your pets from parasites and fleas, keeping them healthy and happy. This time I wanted to focus on 2 of the most common frustrating issues when dealing with your pets – fleas and tapeworms.


Relationship Between Fleas and Tapeworms
Fleas play a very important role in the reproduction of tapeworms. The adult form of a tapeworm (the dipylidium caninum) live in the small intestines of dogs and cats . The worm is made up of multiple segments – imagine the little toy worms that we used to play with as kids – with detachable parts that we put together , you know the different colors with interlocks – anyway, one by one the segments, full of eggs, are passed in their poo. While warm the segments are active but when they dry up they break open and the eggs are exposed. Flea larva eat the tapeworms segmented eggs (yuck right?!) The flea larva then develops into a flea (carrying that icky tapeworm segments in it). When a cat or dog eat the flea (usually when they are grooming, or biting at their skin to stop the flea from biting) the egg develops into the tapeworm, and well, the whole horrible cycle starts all over again.

To treat your dog for tapeworms, you need a good medication that will kill the tapeworm. Of course you also want to control the flea problem as well, because if they have fleas, then of course they are more likely to get reinfected with the tapeworm (vicious cycle of life!)

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