Subaru Starlink Technology

Safety features are usually the top concern of a new car purchase – how the vehicle rates after an accident, how it drives in bad weather, and of course technological advances to keep us safe as well. Subaru has an awesome safety features that tops its peers – Subaru Starlink Technology.

Starlink has safety and security that help keep you and your Subaru safe. The Starlink has services that include Automatic Collision Notification, Enhanced Roadside Assistance, Stolen Vehicle Recovery and Remote Services.

Automated Collision Notification
When an airbag is deployed a Starlink Customer Care Advisor will call you via the speakers in your car, find out what is wrong, if anyone is injured, and send the appropriate help.

Enhanced Roadside Assistance
Just press the blue ‘i” button on the overhead console for non-emergency roadside assistance. Help will be sent to your exact GPS location.

Stolen Vehicle Recovery System
If your vehicle is ever stolen file a police report ASAP and contact Starlink Customer Care; they will work with the police to help recover your vehicle.

Remote Services 
Probably my favorite Starlink option is the Remote Service capability. You just use the MySubaru app on your smart phone and it allows you to activate vehicle features remotely! Such as remote lock/unlock, remote horn and lights, and remote vehicle locator (alright, I’ve already decided – this is the car I will be having my kids drive!)

It also offers diagnostic alerts, and monthly vehicle health reports so you can keep your Subaru purring like a kitten!



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