Pay Less and Get More with New Car Purchase Rewards

Buying a new vehicle is a big decision, and also quite the commitment. You want to make sure you get the most bang for your buck, and some dealerships offer just that. Take East Hills Chevrolet for example; they offer an Auto Rewards program that is hard to beat, and a lot of other dealerships seem to be following suite.

Don’t just settle for a air freshener as a thank you gift for your new car purchase. There are dealerships out there that want to get your business – and keep it. They want to make you happy, and offer all kinds of great incentives to buy from them again..and again.

3 Day / 100 Mile Exchange Program
Have you ever bought a car and realized, “Crap, I really needed more room, or maybe a 4 door would be better than a 2?” Well with the Exchange Program you can do just that – you have 3 days, or 100 miles (which ever is less) to bring your vehicle back and get what you really want and need.

$7 Oil, Lube and Filter Change
Well, I can’t really say more than this. $7 oil changes? Filters too?! Platinum Elite members get this deal on their select vehicle, and that alone is worth it to me!

They are also offering loaner vehicles (while your car is in the shop) a free towing program, members only part & service pricing (another benefit worth its weight in gold) and tons of options that make Auto Rewards Programs  a deal ‘sealer!’ Check with your local dealership to see what type of auto rewards program they are offering in your area!



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