Secrets of Criminal Defense Lawyers

A tough job – but somebody’s gotta’ do it. That’s the life of a criminal defense attorney.  Their jobs are to make sure that the scales of justice are balanced.  There’s a lot of pressure and responsibility being a potential criminal defendants only support, and protector of rights. But it can be a challenge – even for the best of the best. But there are some secrets on how they do their job, and do it well.

Good Criminal Defense Attorneys Don’t Let Their Feelings Get in the Way
Of course some defendants have done some horrible, terrible crimes – but they still have constitutional rights. It’s not as if they are approving or condoning these crimes or behaviors, but it’s their job to stand up and make sure that they honor the constitution and their rights as citizens.

They Help Pick a Unbiased Jury
Ever watch the show Bull? If so, you know reading and picking a jury is a skilled art. Defense attorneys know that most jurors come in expecting to convict someone  – so they need to read the jurors and try to determine which ones may be able to keep an open mind: and also know which ones will be bias.   They will often look up backgrounds of jurors to see who might be a better choice for their client.

Innocent Defendants Make their Jobs Harder 
Imagine knowing that a defendant who is up for life in prison, is actually innocent? It’s one thing to put a person in prison who we know 100% without a doubt committed a crime, and they deserve a punishment. But having a client who you know is innocent and you are unable to convince a jury of it – it’s hard to live with. There have been lawyers that have worked tirelessly for years trying to free an innocent person, and eventually was able to (which is amazing in itself!)

True Crime Shows Have Changed Their Approach 
Lawyers have to keep in mind that when they address jurors they have to factor in that a lot of these ‘true crime shows’ have skewed their minds regarding the criminal justice system. A lot of times an average person who watches true crime shows on regular basis considers themselves to be a bit of an ‘expert’. So when jurors see expert witnesses, police officers and other evidence, sometimes they think they know better; or they know that in some cases those witnesses have been ‘wrong’. A lot of lawyers though, instead of trying to fight the stigma, they embrace it. They play on the juries skepticism into their defense. Exploit facts that seem impossible to believe, and use their ‘wisdom’ as prime time true crime show watchers, to their advantage.

Their jobs might not be as glamorous as on T.V. or in the movies, but criminal defense attorneys play a vital role in our countries judicial system. Remember, you are innocent until proven guilty in the court of law – and your lawyer will do everything in his power, to make sure that you get that chance.


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