Making the Most of Your Gas Money on Your Next Road Trip

With Spring Break just a few weeks away, a road trip is the perfect way to escape those winter blues and have some fun in the sun. The good thing is, a road trip doesn’t have to break the bank – there are several ways you can make the most of your gas money on your next road trip.

No matter if you are traveling or not, making sure that you car is properly maintained is very important. But having a faulty oxygen sensor diagnosed and repaired or even things as simply inflating your tires to the correct pressure can greatly improve your gas mileage.

Cars usually get better mileage on highways than regular city roads of course – since more braking and speeding up can use more gas; however, faster isn’t always better. Many cars actually get fewer miles per gallon if they are traveling say more than 50 or 60 mph. Using cruise control when traveling can definitely help you get better mileage.

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Knowing when to stop – and where to stop – can save you a lot of gas money on a road trip. You don’t want to wait until the last minute, and only have 1 station for the next 30 miles, and end up paying more. I use the  GasBuddy app that not only will help you locate gas stations near you -with prices – but if you connect your bank account or credit card, they will give you up to 5 cents off per gallon -which is just extra money in the bank!

Mapping out your trip not only saves you money – but keeps you safe as well. You can map out exactly how many miles you’ll be traveling, and roughly how many miles you typically get per gallon (GasBuddy will help you calculate how many miles your specific vehicle gets per gallon) so that way you can estimate your total gas costs for your trip. Be sure to include additional miles you’ll be driving (in city usually) once you get to your destination.

Also – be sure to use an app that can help let you know about traffic delays. Idling and being stuck in traffic can definitely lead to wasted gas; so an app like WAZE can give you an alternate route and help you avoid sitting in traffic waiting precious gas (and time!)

If you take these simple steps, you could get a bit further on your tank of gas and give you more time and money to enjoy your road trip!

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