Safe Driving Tips for Fall Weather

If you are like me, fall is one of your favorite times of year. Beautiful leaves changing color, pumpkin carvings, sweater and hoodie weather – Halloween and Thanksgiving. But when it comes to driving the change from summer to fall can be a bit challenging. It’s wetter – colder – leaves are everywhere – and it gets darker sooner (not to mention the sun going down just as rush hour hits!) So it’s a good idea to be prepared for the roads – so here’s a list of safe driving tips for fall weather.

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Wet and Slippery Roads

It usually rains a lot in the fall which can make it hard to see, and can cause your vehicle to hydroplane. Then of course if it gets cold, the ran can turn to frost which is a whole other ballgame. Make sure to be alert and give yourself enough space and time to stop and avoid breaking suddenly when possible. If its foggy, use low beams and maintain the proper distance between other vehicles.

Watch for Kids

School being back in session means more people out and about -traffic, school bus stops, people crossing the street, etc. Make sure you are following the proper speed lmits, and be aware of walkers at all times – and of course don’t forget Halloween walkers! 

Tire Issues – Loss of Pressure

The love/hate relationship with fall – the temp changes. One minute it’s cool, the next it’s hot. These changes can cause car tires to expand and contract – which will usually result in the loss of air pressure.Be sure to check your tires regularly to make sure that they are always properly inflated. You can usually find the proper air tire pressure for your tires in the owner’s manual.

Slick Streets

The fall view is beautiful, but piles of leaves on the road can cause issues. Soggy leaves can be slippery and can hide road hazards, like potholes and such. If you are driving where there are leaves on the road, be sure to proceed carefully.

Watch for Deer

There are a lot of safety tips for driving during deer season – be sure to pay attention since you are nearly 4x more likely to hit an animal in the fall than any other time of year. 

After a long, balmy summer, the shift to fall can feel like a nice break. Soak it up while staying alert to the driving challenges of the season.

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