Rentschler Forest MetroPark

As you know my family loves to go on little ‘adventures’ and explore areas we’ve never been to before. One of my favorite spots we found last year, was Rentschler Forest Park which is located right off Route 4 near the ByPass in Hamilton (not too far from Bridgewater Falls). It’s one of my favorites because it isn’t too far of a drive from where I live and we can make an afternoon of it, if we’ve had ball games or stuff going on that day.

This park has something for everyone – there’s plenty of fun for the kids with their playground, picnic areas, and of course hiking trails (which is my favorite!)

This park has over 4000 acres which includes the Rentschler Forest Preserve and remnants of the Miami-Erie Canal, prehistoric Indian earthwork, reconstructed wetland and about a half a mile of the Great Miami River that you can explore.

There’s ton of things to see – and the trails were quite an adventure!

This trip we saw a TON of insects and such, (I am assuming because of the rain) and little miss sassy was quite enthralled.

I don’t think I’ve ever seen soo many snails! There were tons on the trail ( I’m sure it was the rain).

I would definitely recommend bug/tick repellent (and you can see my natural remedy for keeping these bugs at bay in this post).
The ‘kids’ (and I do include my Dad in that!) had fun climbing and exploring throughout the trails (they will take any chance they can to climb on something!)

And if the water isn’t too high its also a pretty awesome place to go creekin’ (another favorite activity of our family!) Since we had the little one this trip, we just looked from afar (plus the water was pretty high in certain areas!)

I would definitely recommend going to explore – whether its just for an hour or two, or the whole day you will find plenty to do!


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