Natural Tick and Bug Repellent

If you haven’t spent a lot of time outside yet this year, you will notice there are tons of bugs – everywhere. Due to the mild winter here in the Midwest, I’ve noticed wayy more bugs than normal.
Where most of them aren’t too much of a threat, ticks do seem to be at an all time high – when my kids or my husband comes in with them on their legs just by being in our backyard (which is in the city at that) I know we have a real problem.

So between pets and kids – I knew we had a real problem.

I am not big on harsh chemicals if I can help it – I do try to look for more natural remedies when possible; I feel like it’s healthier for my family (pets included). So when I read about the benefits of Rose Geranium I knew that was going to be something that we had to try.

If you didn’t know – ticks pretty much operate on their sense of smell. Ticks don’t normally jump or fall from trees – they ‘quest’ which means they pretty much lay in wait for the ‘smell’ of prey to go by; and then they drop.

So luckily ticks aren’t at all attracted to the scent of rose geranium. Which makes it the perfect natural tick repellent.

It’s also super easy to use – unlike other essential oils, rose geranium does not need to be diluted. A few drops will do the trick – just place a drop on each wrists, a drop behind each ear, and I always add a drop to my ankles as well (because they are usually exposed when we are hiking or outside)

If you use it on your animals just be extra careful – most dogs can be extremely sensitive to smell, so you will want to use a little. A drop behind each shoulder blade, and at the top base of the tail – and that should do it. Make sure to avoid face/nose/eyes (and on yourself as well).

I’ve heard of people using this for flea repellent as well – along with other essential oils such as:  lavender, lemongrass, citronella, eucalyptus, and cedar wood.

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