Quirky Trivia Games for the Whole Family

Let’s face it: Some people just love knowing the oddest, most obscure things possible. If you count yourself as the king or queen of quirky knowledge, you’ll undoubtedly take a shine to the following fun trivia games. Showcase your knowledge of unique trivia while having fun playing with friends or family!

Baseball Trivia


Concentrating on the fundamentals of the game as well as a few of its more noteworthy participants, this trivia game is ideal for those who are just getting into the excitement of America’s favorite pastime. This game is an excellent way to learn the positions, the rules, and the history of the sport.

Basketball Trivia

Similar to baseball trivia but with a little bit more of a challenge, you and your family can see who can answer “hoop” questions. All the basics are covered in this quiz, from the height of the rim to the last NBA champion. Don’t let the other team slam-dunk you because you don’t know your facts!

State Nicknames Trivia

license plates

Ever wonder what a “Hoosier” was or why people from Missouri always say “Show me”? Well, now you can find out all the details when you and your kiddos try to guess how the states got their nicknames. Our favorite nickname is New Mexico’s, but you’ll have to play the game to find out why.

Famous World Leaders Trivia

For those with a more international focus, try this out-of-the-box trivia game. In addition to getting familiar with some very famous people, you’ll get a lesson on some pretty odd spellings as leaders from all over the world are introduced in an informative and engaging style. Can anyone say “Nicolae Ceausescu?”

Apollo Missions Trivia

Looking for a unique, out-of-this-world trivia experience? Then get ready to answer questions about NASA’s missions into space. There’s a universe of challenges in this weird trivia game. Houston, we have a problem and you can solve it!

Primates Trivia



Got a monkey on your back when it comes to getting your daily trivia fix? Try answering some questions about your common ancestor – the primate. If you’re good, we might even reward you with a banana.

Whale Trivia

For those who prefer their animal species under the sea, we offer a look at the largest mammal in the world. Really? You already knew that whales are mammals? Well, there are a whole bunch of other weird facts here that we bet you don’t know.

Texas Facts Trivia

Find out if everything really is bigger in Texas with this fun quiz about the Lone Star State. Test your knowledge about the Alamo, bluebonnets, and other great things that show why the Lone Star State is really the coolest place to live.

Advanced Spelling Trivia

We saved the best for last because we know that everyone loves a good ole-fashioned spelling challenge! See of you have what it takes to not mispell a word. By the way, there is a word incorrectly spelled in this description. Did you catch it?

If any or all of these online trivia games sound fun and appealing, you can check them out for free at FreeKIGames.com. Give it a try – you might even learn something.


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