Keep Your Pooch Protected with Proper Mouth Care

Disclaimer: This post is sponsored by Lunchbox. All opinions are my own.

Regularly brushing your dog’s teeth and providing proper mouth care will help prevent gum disease -which most dogs start showing signs of at the young age of 4. Following these simple steps will help ensure proper care of your pooches health!

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There are a few things that you need to keep an eye out for to make sure your dog doesn’t have a problem such as:

Bad breath
tumors or inflamed gums
excessive drooling
loose teeth

If you notice your pup has any of the above issues, make sure to make an appointment with the vet as soon as possible.

Also be sure to ask your vet about specialty dry food that can help combat plaque and tarter. Also make sure to avoid feeding your dog from your plate; instead give him treats that are made to keep canine teeth healthy.

Chew toys are also a great way to help keep his teeth strong, as well as satisfy their need to chew on things! Chewing on the toy can help keep the teeth clean by scraping away the tarter, and massage the gums at the same time. Be sure to find toxin-free toys!

One of the best ways to help avoid high vet bills down the road, and also give your pup a special treat is the Milk-Bone brushing chew’s. The Milk-Bone brushing chews are are daily dental treats that are as effective as brushing. The ability to taste like a treat, but clean like a toothbrush is only obtainable through the Milk-Bone brushing chews.

I was unsure how much our Buddy would like something that’s good for him (they are just like kids ya’ know!) but he begged for more and has enjoyed  getting his brushing chews each day.

Make sure to head over to and print the $1 coupon so you can give Milk-Bone Brushing Chews a try!


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While your at it, test you doggy dental knowledge and take a quiz to be entered to win a Milk-Bone gift basket, and $250 gift card!

Disclaimer: This post is sponsored by Lunchbox. All opinions are my own.

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