The Perfect Gift for Her This Holiday Season

I know that women can be well – a bit difficult to buy for. Clothes – well that’s usually just a no-no unless you know her exact size, and well shoes aren’t something that just anyone can pick out for you. But there is one way you can never go wrong – and that’s with jewelry.

The Jewel Hut  has an awesome list of jewelry to chose from  – and some great ideas for any budget.


One of my favorite gifts to give (and receive – hint, hint) is anything and everything Pandora. Pandora jewelry is classic and timeless; a few years ago my sister & I got my Mom a Pandora bracelet and for every major holiday since we’ve given her a Pandora charm to add to it. Mothers Day, her Birthday, and Christmas. You can get charms that represent an important part of your life (we got a charm to represent each of her grandchildren – for example a book charm to represent her oldest grandchild, my daughter, who absolutely loves to read – to a bear on a rocking horse to represent the year my nephew was born). With Pandora we can never go wrong.

Another bonus? When you order Pandora they come already in a beautiful black pouch and a gift bag!


There are soo many items to chose from – you just can’t go wrong! From bracelets, to ring and necklaces, there’s something for every special lady in your life!


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