Crockpot Chili Mac

“Tiss the season for fall cooking! If you are like me you are always looking for easy (and tasty) recipes for dinner for the family. What I love about the Crockpot Chili Mac is it heats-up great for leftovers (especially to bring for lunch at work the next day).

If you have a vegetarian or someone who isn’t a big fan of ground beef in your family, use a separate pot on the stove and put all the same ingredients in except leave out the ground beef. One of my daughters’ has been on a vegetarian kick since this past January, but it’s gotten a little easier to just throw a separate pot on for her so she can eat with us too!


1 lb Ground Beef

8 oz of elbow macaroni (uncooked)

1 Small Onion Finely chopped

1 (30 oz) can of chili beans

1 (15 oz) can diced tomatoes

1 (28 oz) can crushed tomatoes

½ a packet of taco seasoning (any brand works)

2 cups beef broth

1 cup shredded sharp cheese



 How to Make:

In a larget skillet you want to brown your beef until it is cooked threw. Add in your onions right before the meat is done, and let the onions get a little soft.

Add all the ingredients except the cheese (cheese goes in right before serving) into crockpot.

Stir the ingredients and cover and let cook for 2 to 2 ½ hours. You want to cook until the pasta is tender.  I cook on low for my crockpot. You can speed up the time by cooking on high, if you prefer. I just find slow works best.

About 5 minutes before serving top with the cheese and let it melt down a little.




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