Outdoor Fun in Breckenridge


If you’re looking for a great place to spend the weekend or a few days in the outdoors, Breckenridge may be a perfect destination for you. This town is nestled at the foot of the Rocky Mountains in Colorado and has lots of activities all year round. In the winter, you can rent one of the cabins in Breckenridge and spend your time skiing or snowboarding. When the weather picks up, it becomes a haven for hikers and mountain bikers. This makes Breckenridge one of the best destinations for outdoor activities in the United States. Here are some ways to have fun at this destination.

Go Skiing:

Skiing is the most popular thing to do at Breckenridge. There are slopes of varying levels of difficulty that can suit the needs of anyone. Some are easier and others are more challenging. Most are better suited for people with an intermediate level of skills and can be quite dangerous to those who don’t. If you’re not confident on the slopes, you can find an instructor to teach you or even go down with you. This is something to consider if it’s been a while since you’ve been skiing as one wrong move before can break bones.

Some people bring their own equipment with them, others need to rent skis when they arrive. If you fall into the second category, the best thing is the check online beforehand. There are lots of places to rent in Breckenridge and you may find special promotions or discounts online. And if you arrange everything before you come, all you need to do is pick them up when you get there – you don’t have to wait around.

Go Snowboarding:

Snowboarding is another winter sport that many Americans take part in at Breckenridge. Avoid the more advanced peaks until you’re confident and try to arrange any rentals before you arrive. Lessons are also available for beginners or people who just want to brush up on their skills. Snowboarding is a strenuous activity, which combined with the altitude can make you fatigued. For this reason, you should avoid doing anything too taxing until your body has had the chance to acclimatize.

Go Hiking:

Being at the foot of the Rocky Mountains, you can expect to find a number of hiking trails. The difficulty varies from something slightly more than a gentle stroll to more advanced 10-miles plus treks. Every trail that you use will give you amazing views of the surrounding mountains and peaks with some passing through forests and near Alpine lakes. Remember to bring enough liquid and to drink plenty. You’re going to need more water than you usually would as the altitude dehydrates and fatigues the body faster than at sea level.

Most people hike during the warmer months when the snow begins to melt. It’s also popular for people to have their summer vacation here to reach some of the peaks. Not everyone will be here when it’s warm and some of the skiers and snowboarders may want to try the trails. If you do, expect the trail to be icy and make sure you have proper hiking boots for trekking in the winter.

Go Camping:

If you want to spend more time getting reacquainted with the outdoors, find a tent and sleeping bag and go camping at Breckenridge. There are several camping grounds in the region that’s a short distance from the town. It’s easy to find and make reservations online before you arrive. The more remote spots are found in Silverthorne and you could be pitching the tent near the Blue River. This area is more peaceful and gets fewer visitors, but call in advance to reserve a spot as it fills up quickly in the summer.

Go Rafting:

Rafting is something for when the weather is warmer. As the snow melts, streams and rivers get a constant influx of water making the water flow faster. This makes it a perfect spot for river rafting. You can find packages and tours online and it’s best to book up a month in advance. Tours can be for casual rafters drifting around the river up to full-on adrenaline junkies who are bouncing around in the rapids. However, just remember that if the sun is shining, the water will still be very cold if you fall in!

Go Ziplining:

This activity has been growing in popularity over the last few years for thrill seekers of all ages. Some of the lines are high in the mountains and others seem to stretch on forever. All of them are against the breath-taking backdrop of the mountains. Places can fill up quickly and you should reserve the tickets before you arrive to avoid any disappointment. Zip lining is offered all year around in both the summer and winter months.

Visit the Breckenridge Nordic Center:

This center is a ski resort with a range of activities to suit any visitor. You can join cross country skiing tours or follow natural trails in your snowshoes. There are also several shops and activities here to keep the rest of your party entertained. Ladies will especially like the spas and beauty centers.

Wrapping Up:

Breckenridge is a perfect destination for outdoor activities at any time of the year. You can go skiing and snowboarding in the winter and hiking in the mountains when the weather picks up. There’s something to keep everyone happy at any time of the year when you visit this charming destination in the mountains.

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