Hidden Gem: Holiday Auto Theatre #LetsGoPlaces #ToyotaDriveIn

This post is sponsored by Toyota and the #ToyotaDriveIn Event

So if you follow me on social media you would of seen a few weeks ago that I took the crew to a drive-in movie. Yes, we are lucky enough to have our very own drive-in theatre here in Hamilton, OH at the Holiday Auto Theatre.

I guess I’ve always taken it for granted since it’s always been here – I grew up going. But I have friends far and wide that are quite impressed (and maybe a little jealous!)

This trip was quite special though – Toyota sponsored a #ToyotaDriveIn night where they offered FREE POPCORN for guests, and the first 50 got a special gift – a blue tooth speaker!

Toyota graciously offered me the use of a Toyota Rav4 to use during the #ToyotaDriveIn week – and I have to say my family was quite impressed.

Taking a #roadtrip in the beautiful 2017 @toyotausa Rav4 #LetsGoPlaces #ToyotaDriveIn

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Leather seats, navigation, sunroof, foot activated liftgate (probably one of my most favorite features) birds eye view camera, and so much more – I wanted to keep it forever!

So we took it to the drive-in on Friday night to enjoy the #ToyotaDriveIn Movie Night, and the kids had a blast!

What I really love about the Drive-In is being able to take the kids and they can walk around, move around in the vehicle, sit outside and just enjoy the outdoors – and a movie all at once! (this is a GREAT option if you aren’t sure your little one is ready for the movie theater yet – miss sassy pants had to go on a walk a few times and in the car for a break when she didn’t want to sit in her chair!)

They also offer 2 movies – for the price of 1! We don’t always stay for both, but it’s a great deal, and can also a lot of fun!

They also have a really awesome snack bar, that has everything a regular movie theatre has to offer.

Going to the drive-thru is fun, but you do need to be prepared. Its a bit like getting prepared for a camping trip.
You need to bring the following:
Blankets (even in the midst of summer it can get kind of chilly at night)
Bug Spray (some nights there are mosquitos)
Radio (unless you want to keep your vehicle running the entire time)

The Holiday Auto Theatre also offers a Food Permit that you can purchase at the gate – they allow you to bring in your own food, for just $5.00
We sometimes bring in pizza and snacks from home, which helps save money and makes the drive-in so much more affordable.

So if you are ever near the area – or just want to take a road trip and visit, you can get directions, movie times, and find out what’s playing here.


Click here to find out more information about the 2017 Toyota Rav4


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