National Girl Scout Cookie Weekend!

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National Girl Scout Cookie Weekend Starting Feb. 7th:
The Girl Scouts are having a kick off event in NYC!

How exciting would it be to be 9 years old and going to something like that!

Girls Scouts, what do you think about when you hear those words? Cookies? Of Course, what else? The Girl Scouts aren’t just about selling cookies. They are a great group that teaches self-reliance, how to work with others, and about giving to the community. A lot of life lessons are learned when in the Scouts. Self-esteem is built, and girls learn to be ready for whatever life is going to bring their way. It’s a great way to help others, as your daughters learn.

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There is even a Girl Scout Championship Sweepstakes: I don’t know about you, but I love sweepstakes!
That said, of course there’s the cookie end. The girls sell their cookies to EARN trips. It’s not just handed to them, it’s a lot of work. (Both for parents and the girls – trust me, I know from experience)
Girls learn how to run a small business with taking orders, delivering, and taking payment. Real life skills. They are responsible for the money getting back to their troop leader, and the cookies to the customer. Learning responsibility is a great character quality. One I definitely am thankful to have learned early in life, and glad my girls have too. They also learn people skills, and let’s face it, we all have to have those, no matter what profession we end up in. There is a lot more that goes into Girl Scout Cookies then you’d think, check out all the facts here.

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So, what’s your favorite cookie?? Most of my family love the Peanut Butter Sandwich cookie (and the Samoas -oh yum!). I could probably eat a whole box in one sitting, but I prefer to fit into my jeans, so I only will have a few. We do have two peanut butter haters in our family. (Really think they must have been switched at birth or something) Their favorite is the lemon. If you’d like to find out where you can purchase some delish Girl Scout cookies of your own, just got the Girl Scouts website, put in your zip and they will give you locations of where they are sold in your area! No more stalking the entry of Krogers or waiting for a girl scout to knock on your door. How cool is that!!

And for those of you who prefer not to have the temptation, you can help contribute to your local girl scouts by purchasing a few boxes and send them over to our troops! You can also freeze them, (they will freeze up to a year and still be yummy!)

For more information on how to purchase cookies, or get involved and help mold the minds of our youth, You can visit their social media pages that are listed below:


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5 Responses to National Girl Scout Cookie Weekend!

  1. Amanda says:

    We love Girl Scout cookies!! Thin Mints, Tag A Longs and Trefoils are my favorite!! I always have a box in our freezer! Girl Scouts are a great organization to support!!

  2. I am so excited because I have heard the Girl Scouts are bring a Gluten Free cookie to the market! I was a Girl Scout and earned my Silver Award 🙂 Great childhood memories of camping and earning badges.

  3. Amanda says:

    I love Girl Scout cookies! My favorite are the Samoas! Although I like them all!! YUM!!!

  4. Never have had a bad Girl Scout Cookie! My teens are on the lookout for girls selling them in the neighborhood.

  5. Lisa lopez says:

    Need Thin Mints

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