Tips for Responsible Gaming

Whether you prefer to bet on sports with a bookmaker or play online casino games like roulette, baccarat and the slot machines, it is important to gamble responsibly, by following these tips. You can also contact organisations like GambleAware and the Responsible Gambling Trust for further information.



Only bet what you can afford


Give yourself a monthly allowance for activities like gambling, after you have worked out what you need to keep for essentials each month, as this way you will be able to play casino or gamble on sports without worrying about debt. Furthermore your gaming budget should be based on the amount you can lose, not what you think you could win.


Do other things


Gambling online or at a Mobile Casino is a lot of fun, but it should still just be one part of a balanced, fulfilling life, so make sure you set time limits as well as money ones. Once you have done so – stick to it! Even if you are having a great time, as you can always return to it on another day.


Remember it’s fun


The key to your gambling staying responsible and fun is to always treat it as such. It’s a hobby, and anything you win is a welcome extra, not the whole point. Once you start gambling needing to win you are in trouble.


Don’t chase any losses


Just as winnings should be treated as a great bonus, so you should regard losses as part of the game and not start betting higher amounts of money in an attempt to win them back. This is a terrible strategy and will only lead to your gambling becoming uncontrolled and desperate.


Bet in the right mood


You should only visit an online casino or bookie when you are in a calm, relaxed mood, so that you can bet sensibly and logically. Trying to gamble when you are unhappy, angry or under the influence of alcohol will not lead you to wager responsibly.

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