Must See Attractions in Myrtle Beach

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Most Spring Breaks my kids spend with my Mom, and I spend doing what I always do – working. But this cold winter had me antsy and I was ready to get out of town. So that’s what we did. We planned a trip to Myrtle Beach just to get away from it all. Though the weather at Spring Break time is still a bit chilly for parking my butt in a chair on the beach, the great thing about Myrtle Beach is there is plenty to do.


 Before you can plan what to DO on  your trip, you need to plan where to STAY. When I go to the beach I have to have an ocean view, after all that’s why were there right?! If you want a beach front view, lots of amenities, and a place on the happening strip, you need to make your reservations at Captains Quarters.

The view from our room! #VisitMyrtleBeach #AIADWTravel

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This is a very family friendly resort, with fifteen outdoor pool, an indoor pool and lazy river, as well as entertainment center with a bar, video games and bowling! They also have a restaurant with an awesome view overlooking the ocean (that was one of my favorite parts). The staff is very friendly and helpful and you are within walking distance to a lot of restaurants and attractions!!


So the first thing we decided to hit up, and I think was one of the favorite parts of our trip was the Hollywood Wax Museum. My kids had an absolute blast posing and taking pictures with the wax figures, which you would definitely already know if you follow me on Instagram! We posted a ton of photos! Below is one of my favorite (you can check out more fun photos and residents of the Hollywood Wax Museum here)

The Wax Museum isn’t the only fun stuff to do in this entertainment complex, they also have Hannah’s Maze of Mirrors mirror maze, and Outbreak a type of haunted house but with zombies!!

Another fun thing you don’t want to miss is Alligator Adventure. Alligator Adventure is one of the largest reptile facilities in the world. They have crocs, alligators (from all kinds of different countries), albino alligators, yacares, false gharials, turtles, tortoises, and other exotic wildlife! You an walk around and view all of the awesome creatures on your own, and then stop to see a show and even hold a baby alligator if you want!

Some crazy looking crocs here – this one looks like a dragon! #gators #crocs #VisitMyrtleBeach #AIADWTravel

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I loved these guys because the one looks like a dragon!! They also have poor BOB who is a tail-less gator! (Don’t worry he’s in an enclosure all by himself).

PART_1433208679034_20150330_122518If you are in Myrtle Beach you cannot NOT ride the Skywheel.  It gives breathtaking  views of the ocean and boardwalk, as well as the surrounding area. Scared of heights? No worries, they lock you into the very safe skywheel boxes, even my mother-in-law who prefers to stand on land enjoyed herself.
skywheelAbove photo by Myrtle Beach Condo Rentals.

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Don’t forget your camera!

For some evening entertainment, you cannot miss The Carolina Opry. Our group consisted of ages 5 through 55 and everyone enjoyed this show! There was music and dancing and even comedy. This is definitely a first-class show that your entire family will enjoy. They even offer refreshments (such as popcorn and drinks) and a store as well. Definitely plan on an entertaining evening!

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If you have an adventurous side (or an adventurous person in your party) you need to go to Soar and Explore. Our group had a blast ziplining and rope climbing. Soar and Explore is located at Broadway on the Beach  so you can zipline, climb the ropes then grab some lunch or do some shopping. 

Having fun ziplining today! #VisitMyrtleBeach #AIADWTravel A photo posted by Krissy Higgins (@krissyar) on

Its a beautiful warm day Myrtle Beach – perfect for some ziplining! #VisitMyrtleBeach #AIADWTravel

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This is only a small list of a lonnngg list of things to do on your visit to Myrtle Beach. Be sure to check out the Visit Myrtle Beach website to book your vacation, get discount coupons and more!


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10 Responses to Must See Attractions in Myrtle Beach

  1. Robin Rue (@massholemommy) says:

    I have wanted to go to Myrtle Beach for ages now. I swear, one of these days I will get there.

  2. jasmine says:

    Looks like fun! I’m driving up that way this summer I hope to have a little fun during my two day stay

  3. Liz Mays says:

    Myrtle beach sounds incredible. My daughter and I would enjoy the shows and attractions but my son would like the beach.

  4. I have heard that Myrtle Beach is very family friendly and it looks like your family had a great time. It is not a bad drive for us, I will have to look into hotels for our family!

  5. I’ve never been to Myrtle Beach, but I’d love to go!! Looks like I’ll have to add all of these attractions to my list! 🙂

  6. Crystal says:

    There’s so much to do and see in Myrtle Beach! I hope we can make a trip over the summer!

  7. Jeannette says:

    The Skywheel is my favorite in Myrtle Beach. I grew up about 30 minutes from there and spent much of my teenage years there but haven’t been back much since. I really need to plan a trip and walk down memory lane.

  8. I’ve only been to Myrtle Beach once, and it was a business trip. Not much fun involved but there’s so much to see and do I’d love to get back there one day!

  9. Whoa, that alligator!! So cool! And I love the beautiful pictures! Definitely looks like a great place to vacation.

  10. Shell Feis says:

    ACK! I have always wanted to go there but you have me terrified with those alligators!!

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