7 Simple Changes to Help You Lose Weight

With summer already uponĀ us we’re all wanting that beach body to look great for our summer festivities! Well we all know how dieting can be hard, you are doing great on your diet one day, and then before you know it, you’re eating pizza and potato chips, your diet is now ruined!!! So what if we didn’t have to diet and we could still lose weight and get in shape? I know, I know, it sounds crazy but trust me…it works! It’s simply living a healthier lifestyle. This includes simple little changes we can make in our everyday life and eating habits that will dramatically affect your diet and you wouldn’t even know! Here are some examples:
1. If you drink whole milk – Switch to Skim Milk, or even 2% if you can’t make the complete change to Skim right away! Skim milk has so much less fat and calories than whole milk!
2. Instead of Full Fat Cheese – Switch to cheese that is made with 2% Milk, once again just like the milk thing, this cheese has less fat and calories!
3. Swap one soda or juice whatever you drink for a bottle of water, switching just one of these a day for water will make a huge difference, you wouldn’t believe it!
4. If you’re someone who loves potato chips, for example one of my weaknesses is Salt & Vinegar Potato Chips! So instead of eating those, I got myself some zucchini, cut it into slices and soak in vinegar! Sprinkle with salt and bake! YUMMMM! They are delicious and I don’t miss my salt and vinegar chips at all!
5. Instead of eating ice cream for dessert, try throwing fresh fruit into a food processor to make a DELICIOUS, healthy sorbet. This definitely cures your sweet tooth craving!
6. If you’re feeling like you need a snack throughout the day, try some celery with peanut butter on it or maybe some veggies with a veggie dip.
7. Swap your full fat salad dressing for a lighter or fat free version. This helps so much! To go even further, try getting an italian dressing or vinaigrette instead of a creamy dressing like Ranch or Ceasar!
Here’s just a few simple changes in your everday eating habits that will definitely promote weight loss! Include a short 30 min workout everyday and you will be looking great and in shape in no time!
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