Motivational Monday: Keep Your Head Up

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Every once in awhile I like to post pictures I come across in my research to help keep you (and myself) motivated. These ladies not only seem happier, but they look awesome and healthy! See how loosing weight can take years off of you? It’s soo much better then surgery!
They keep me motivated knowing I can be a better me!



Whose your motivation??











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4 Responses to Motivational Monday: Keep Your Head Up

  1. My friend who lost 120lbs the healthy way is my motivation!

  2. So theres this trashy TV show–Love and Hip-Hop Atlanta…the craziest girl on there Joseline Hernandez has a body to die for! Although she bought some parts of it…I have body envy everytime I see her!

  3. Those are such amazing results. Thanks for sharing.

  4. lydsrich says:

    My motivation is people who just DO it. I get more good energy from people who try and work hard than from those who complain all the time!

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