Back to School Check Up’s with Walgreens Healthcare Clinic


I have always said that Back to School means “oh be still my wallet’. It seems like everyone wants money from me all at the same time and a lot of it. Between school supplies, school fee’s, school clothes, and doctor’s visits it can definitely push even the most budget smart Mom to the edge.

This year, school started a bit earlier then usual. Three weeks early to be precise. This Mama was in a panic! I was just starting to get the kid’s back on their regular schedule (otherwise known as to bed early, and up early) and I hadn’t even put any thought into school supplies, the eye doctor, and the physicals that all the kids needed.

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Thank goodness I found Walgreens Health Care Clinics. Not only were we able to schedule a walk-in appointment,but they were only $39 per child. This was way cheaper then paying at our family doctor – we currently don’t have health insurance since my husband just started a new job. But even the ‘cash’ price at our local doctor is nearly triple the price of Walgreens Health Care Clinic. Not to mention the wait time; I would have had to take at least a half a day off work to schedule within the small time frame that the doctor’s are available at the office, but I was able to visit the health care clinic at Walgreens on the weekend, and we were in and out before we knew it! (Mommy also got to do some shopping – BONUS)

We met with the Nurse Practitioner to get my little man’s physical done for his first day of Kindergarten (I think I’m still in some sort of Mommy shock that my baby is now in full-time school – but that’s for another blog post). He isn’t a big fan of sitting around (unless he’s playing video games), let alone waiting on anyone. Our family medical group is really bad about this one; I will rush to get to our appointment 15 minutes early, only to be left sitting in the waiting with a very impatient little boy for over an hour; then to be moved to one of the rooms to wait another 20-30 minutes. I was a bit nervous that Walgreens Healthcare Clinic would be the same, and was prepared with the iPad, a drink and some snacks just in case. 


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I was pleasantly surprised to be greeted with a smile (yet another issue that my doctor’s office seems to be lacking – friendliness. A smile goes a long way people), and was told that they would be with us in a minute. I pulled out the iPad and was logging into the hotspot so my son could play one of his millions of games, when they called his name to go in the back (insert shocked face here). When we walked into the exam room, I was even more shocked to see the nurse practitioner already waiting for us. She greeted us with a smile, and a lollipop!

The NP was super friendly and great with little man. She had him smiling and actually talking to her about going back to school. She went over everything she was doing with him during the exam, and informed me why, and always asked if I had any questions. The whole thing took less then 20 minutes, and we were back out in the store buying him the ‘prize’ I promised if he would behave (yet another thing this Mom promised in anticipation of long wait times and unfriendly staff).

So to wrap it all up, I would highly recommend that you give Walgreens Healthcare Clinics a try (Find out if there is  Health Care Clinic at your local Walgreens here). I can most definitely say that we will be back!








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  1. I should have taken my daughter there! Thanks for sharing 🙂

  2. good information to have! thanks for sharing!

  3. Summer Davis says:

    We do year round school which rocks because there’s never that “BTS money crunch”.

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