Motivational Monday: Keep it Interesting with COLOR RUNS!

Personally I think nothing is more boring then treading along on a treadmill or exercise bike. Even with my headphones in, or the T.V. on I get bored fast. I’m walking walking, jog, jog, run, and I look down at the clock expecting a good 15 minutes to pass, and what the heck, it’s only been like 3.  Not sure I can take 57 more minutes of this – I start researching ways to bring the FUN back into a RUN.

That’s when I discovered – color run’s. They are these awesome 5k charity events (BONUS!) that shower you in color as you run past each station, staining every part of your body like a tie dye shirt. Some use powder, some use water, and no matter what, you will come away needing a shower…and most likely you will be finding color in um, places you wouldn’t expect for days. But how AWESOME?! I decided this was my best motivation..and the best thing ever? My kids are completely psyched about it too!



We planned for our first ever ‘family 5k’ – we walked outside, my oldest daughter who would rather do anything then be outside, was the most excited! She is one of those book-worm-computer-geek chics and I know one day she’s going to do something totally awesome with all that brain power. But as a Mom I do sometimes get concerned about the whole exercise factor . She played softball for awhile (which I was totally excited about), but it just wasn’t her thing. She now plays the viola (yes viola, not violin – look it up), started a book club, is in honors chorus, and is involved in all kinds of other brainiac extra curriculars,  and I swear she’s the Bill Gates of the future.  So with her excitement about the Color Me Rad 5k – and the fact that she was going to the gym with my Mom to ‘train’ every evening -I knew I had to make this special.



The morning of the race – they were a bit less excited. We had a 40 minute drive, and we needed to be there early, so I got them up around 6:30 (which is early for any day, let alone a summer Saturday), but they started moving slowly but surely, and were getting super excited! We had our white Color Me Rad t-shirts on, and one of the coolest parts about this is that you get your very own hipster 80’s shades to wear to protect your eyes during the race. I felt like I was back in elementary school. (where are the jelly shoes??) Anyway, we had a few friends join us, and with the music pumping -we were off!



Even my little guy has a blast – he only pooped out once. He rode on my shoulders for a few minutes while he got a drink (they passed out water bottles to all of us who didn’t realize how hot it was going to be that early in the A.M.), but he even ran across the finish line!


I can tell you that was one of the quickest 3 mile walk/jogs I have ever done. The kids agreed..and asked me if they could make this a new tradition..and when the next race was. (SCORE!)





Have you ever participated in a ‘color’ run?? If not I highly recommend them! Below is a list of some great 5k events.  Check to see if there is one coming to a town near you!



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4 Responses to Motivational Monday: Keep it Interesting with COLOR RUNS!

  1. I did Color Me Rad when it was here with two friends and my kids. We all had so much fun. We absolutely plan to do it again next year.

  2. I did Color Me Rad with my best friend and had a lot of fun!! I can’t wait to do it again!!

  3. Chasing Joy says:

    The idea of having water or powder thrown on me as I run is not all that appealing to me. However, I do have friends who do color runs and they love it!

    Thanks for linking up for #FlashbackFriday

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