Keto Diet: Week 4

So I’m nearly a week late getting week 4’s post up. I have to tell you – I was struggling last week. I hadn’t seen the scale move, and I was having a hard time feeling very motivated.

I have stayed on track except for one day this past weekend I did go over carbs by about 15 (still quite low and some people actually do a higher carb count and still lose weight). I KNEW I needed to keep rolling because as soon as I fall off the wagon there isn’t just a jump right back on option for me; I usually binge for days, or weeks – and this time I am determined to STAY no matter what.

I spoke with a few Keto Vets who gave me some helpful tips – and reminded me, that every body is different and I need to just hold out. I was also told to me make sure that I’m getting at least my 100 oz of water, and that I’m measuring my food (which I wasn’t doing).

I ordered this food scale to measure my food at home. You would be amazed how much you are eating when you just grab a few slices of lunch meat or cheese. I’ve been making sure to be extremely careful and measure every bite of food I’m eating.

Now there are times I have a rough day and I am not drinking water like I should – I mean it’s hard to drink 100 oz of water when you aren’t used to it. That’s 12 1/2 glasses of water. Over 6 bottles of water from the store – it’s a LOT to drink. So I’ve started adding Powerade Zero it taste JUST LIKE KOOL-AID! It’s amazing how easily I can drink a big bottle of this versus water. It’s also good for electrolytes, sodium, potassium, calcium and magnesium which you sometimes lack on a Keto diet.


I was also told to PUT THE SCALE away for a week. When I was going to the bathroom (which was like every 5 minutes it seemed drinking that much water) I would weigh myself since the scale was right there. You’d be shocked how much you weight goes up and down in a few days – or even a few hours – time. I promised I wouldn’t weigh myself again until Friday, and I’m hoping some of the changes I have made will show some results!


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