DIY Paper Cupcake Flowers

These DIY cupcake flowers can be used for cute decorations, or even as some adorable Valentines Day cards. SO many uses, and super cute!

What you’ll need:
Diecut flowers from cupcake paper cups
Diecut paper pieces
Diecut Cardstock leaves
green craft wire
clear gemstones
and if you want to make the cards; Valentines Craft paper


Take 3 of the diecut paper cupcakes and arrange them to look like a flower (I rotate each cup just a bit)


Next, take your craft wire and poke a hole through your paper cupcake flower. Bend the wire to poke a hole back through the paper and bend so the flower stays at the top of the wire.


Next, glue diecut paper pieces to the center of the flower. You can purchase pre-cut centers, or you can make your own. Newspaper, old book, magazines all work really well for the center.

DIY_paper_cupcake_flowers4Next glue the clear gemstones to the center paper diecut in the middle of your flower.


Repeat with the different color paper cupcake holders – and make a beautiful cupcake bouquet!


You can also use these super cute paper cupcake flowers to make your own adorable valentines day cards. If you purchased your Valentines’ Day craft paper, you can tape or glue the flower to the craft paper and write your message on the side.



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  1. Lesly C says:

    So cute!! I love this idea. I think we will do these for Valentines with the kids.

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