The Art of Male Grooming

Looking after your skin is essential for everyone. Your face is your greeting card to the world, and, as time ticks on, the benefits of youthful, plump skin begin to slip away. Aging, especially for a man, doesn’t have to be so dire, with very little in the way of effort needed to keep yourself looking good.


Here, we look at the bare essentials to male grooming, implementing some very small changes that could get you looking, and feeling, much better.

The Money Maker

Probably the most important part of your body to start looking after; the face requires a regular routine to keep it in tip-top condition. This includes facial scrubs, facial washes and moisturisers.


So, where do you start? Nowadays, most skincare brands have a men’s range – Usually products that are very similar to the women’s range but with ‘manlier’ packaging. You can go for higher end skincare such as Clinique, Clarins or Lab Series, or go for something a little more wallet-friendly such as Bull Dog.


Invest in a good facial cloth, and try to factor the care for your skin into your morning and just-before-bed routine.  

Body Hair

A little extra fluff can be a nuisance, especially if you get sporadic back hair or need to trim your neck hair often. However, if implemented into your weekly routine, it can be just as easy to introduce as the skincare regimen.


Firstly, you need the right tools to help you with excess body hair maintenance. If you want a very smooth, hairless look then you might have to go for waxing, which can be expensive and painful. You can get this done at most beauty salons and, if booked in at regular intervals, this method can have you hair-free for a good period of time.


If waxing isn’t your thing, try some decent clippers such as the ‘TT2040 all-in-one pro body groomer series 7000’ from Phillips. With the right guard on, you can come close to being hairless and, if you are careful, it is pain-free.

Facial Hair

Keeping on the excess hair theme, your face is also an area that can be overcome with it. Generally thought to be something that older men deal with, excess hair can affect you in your younger years, with little hairs sprouting from your nose and ears at will. What you need is a good nose hair trimmer to keep on top of this on a regular basis. It will take you mere seconds to buzz away, leaving you confident that you aren’t turning into an old man!


Next up is the beard. Being hairy is all the rage now, with beard care brands popping up every other day to cash in on this facial hair trend. If you have been blessed with non-patchy beard-growing skills, then you will be winning the beard game. All you need is a little guidance on how to keep everything where it should be.


Real Men Real Style has a great guide to how you should train your beard, tips on upkeep and products to help you on your beard journey.

Sometimes forgotten is the eyebrows – Whether bushy or fairly tame, it’s good to keep a smooth line. If you are new to tweezers, don’t be worried about using them. The pain is very minimal and plucking unruly hairs takes up very little of your time. Follow this YouTube video from ‘BluMaan’ for a guide to getting it right.

Hands and Feet

Nail care is serious business. No one wants to be with a man who has gnarly toenails and long fingernails. This part of male grooming has the highest priority of all, and only sheer laziness can stop you from achieving acceptable hands and feet.


Get some nail clippers or scissors (scissors are a little gentler on the nail), a nail file and some hand and feet moisturiser. Within 15 minutes, you will have transformed your extremities into beautifully manicured and moisturised parts of your body.


Many men wield nail clippers as if they are an actual workshop tool, not something that is used on a part of yourself. Each snip should be precise and measured, as jagged nails are not a good look either. Also, be sure to use different scissors or clippers for your feet and hands. Using the same clippers (without washing in between) can spread bacteria, causing infection.
Once you have properly cut your nails, you won’t need to do it again for a long time. That’s if you use your trust nail file on a regular basis, ensuring they are keept nice and neat.

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