I saved money with the Walmart Family Mobile Plan!

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As I mentioned before we added our kids to our current mobile plan and to be quite honest, we were paying out the wazoo. For 5 phones (2 smartphones, and 3 ‘regular’ phones) our bill was running nearly $300 a month (that is more then my car payment!) Every time I logged online to pay our bill I cringed at the amount as I typed in my credit card info. Do you know what I could do with an extra $300 a month? Our grocery budget isn’t much more then that!

So when I had a chance to try out the Walmart Family Mobile, I jumped at it. Though I was a bit skeptical that the service could be comparable I was pleasantly surprised. Of course so were the kids – they were able to get a smartphone and they were ecstatic.

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As I started to compare our current carrier bill, to the bill for the Walmart Family Mobile Plan I was a bit shocked.
Below is my current wireless provider billing statement.

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I know right?? OUCH! Our bill varies from $300 to the lowest at $266 A MONTH. Every month when I get online to pay this bill I think of all the things I could spend this money on, and then I click submit and my money vanishes.

So looking into the Walmart Family Mobile plan, I was shocked at the price difference for more. Not only would The Walmart Family Plan provide all of us with smartphones, but it would also provide unlimited calls and text messaging. Now we have a newly turned 16 year old, and 2 preteen girls who absolutely must be able to access their email, Twitter and Facebook on a regular basis. Not having to worry about overages for internet or texting? Priceless. I am also able to get online and view her usage history, and limit the times of day she uses her phone!

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I know you guys are smart and can figure out the math. But as I was comparing, I couldn’t help but to put it together for you, so you can actually see what a savings it is to switch.
Seeing is believing right?

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It blows me away! The difference of $1,500 just to switch from one company to another is amazing for me, and a no brainer. Do you know what I could do with $1,500 a year?
Well, let me tell you:

  • I could take a mini vacation just for me (hey, all Mom’s deserve a getaway)
  • I could take a romantic weekend with my husband
  • I could put it in savings for an emergency (but let’s all agree #1 and #2 sound better)
  • I could pay off a credit card
  • I could get the kids school clothes, school supplies and everything they need for the year without touching the rest of the family budget
  • I could not cook for 50 meals
  • I could buy that pop up camper I’ve been wanting for years worth of family fun
  • I could get laser eye surgery (this would at least pay all my deductibles and copays)
  • I could get a new kitchen table and chairs

The list goes on and on..

But don’t take my word for it – check out Walmart Family Mobile online or in store and see how much you could save!

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  1. Ellen B says:

    that’s great! do you also still have a landline? I’d like to get rid of mine

  2. We could save over $100 a month by switching to the Walmart Family Plan. I’m going to have to look into this for my family. #client

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