Walmart Family Mobile: Staying in Touch on a Budget

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We are in a world where it’s inevitable that children at one time or another are going to need a cell phone. Pay phones are nearly non existent (my youngest has never even seen one). and with school back in session my schedule and the kid’s schedule being so crazy, there are times when I’m running late to pick up one while dropping off another. The kid’s having cell phones are not only convenient, but a necessity. If practice lets out early (and I’m not there yet) or when my daughter forgets her viola in the car (u-turn here I come), or they lost their lunch money. Having a cell phone during this busy time of year becomes a life saver.

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Our current provider offered basic cell phones for “$10 a month, per line” so of course I jumped on it. Adding 3 phones for $30 a month seemed like a no brainer – until I got my first bill. The “$10 a month” was not including all the other types of fees, taxes, and other hidden charges.. adding 3 lines actually cost over $90 a month! Not to mention we also had to share minutes between all 3 kids as well as my husband & myself – so we went over on minutes as well. OUCH!! Since we were now under contract, I had no choice but to continue to pay, all while looking for a more budget friendly alternative for our family mobile choices.

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When I was given the opportunity to try out the Walmart Family Mobile plan with T-mobile  I was super excited – and my kids were even more excited! Ever since the kids got their cell phones, they’ve been begging for an ‘upgraded’ but with extra usage charges that come with the smart phones – not to mention the dangers of unlimited internet and app usage-I made a decision they were stuck with their basic cell phones. So when I reviewed the great phones that were offered with the Walmart Family Mobile Plan, and that the phones come with parental controls to limit time of day usage, minutes, texts, picture messaging, and even internet pages (I can set the phone only able to view pages rated PG or G!) and being  Samsung fans we chose the Galaxy SII . Walmart even had a rollback on the phone from the time we looked at it online, to going and picking it up at the store (cha ching!)

The Walmart Family Mobile plan has unlimited plans for calls, text and even internet usage. They are by far the lowest price rate I have found in my research -$39.88 a month on any phone! You can add an additional line for $24.88. Are you a low income family, and afraid you can’t afford the $39.88 for an additional cell phone? Walmart Family Mobile offers Lifeline Assistance – based on your income you could save an additional $10 a month, while still providing your child with a phone to reach out for emergencies.

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I found some great deals on Walmart Family Mobile phones and you can check out my shopping trip here.


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5 Responses to Walmart Family Mobile: Staying in Touch on a Budget

  1. Wow that is great savings! I am not looking forward to this.. They grow up way to fast..

  2. Our extra lines are killing us. Glad to hear these options.

  3. Thanks for your participation in this campaign! #client

  4. Mallery says:

    Wow, the savings can really add up when saving with your cell phone bill! I could remodel another bathroom after saving the money from switching to Walmart for 1 year! That’s a great deal! #client

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