How to Create a Contemporary Look in Your Home for 2014

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Creating a more modern feel to your home interior needn’t cost the earth or involve structural changes. If your home is stuck in the 1970’s, maybe you will consider a renovation project that could be completed over just a few weeks. After all, you are trying to get a contemporary look; that doesn’t mean demolishing your home and starting again. Time passes by so quickly that often people don’t realize just how long it has been since any real changes were made in their homes. Yes, new paint will have been applied, or the house may have been rewired, but often that is as far as it goes. Many houses are stuck firmly in the era that they were built.

You will find here, suggestions that will help to give your home a more modern feeling without breaking the bank.

Modern homes these days do not make use of carpet as much as traditional dwellings. Laminate, or real wood flooring is the order of the day here. Its clean, sleek look is attractive and functional. If you have children or pets, you will find it easy to clean, so no more stains. This style of flooring is easy to fit, and the whole house could be covered in a few days.

If your fire surround is made of colored stone blocks, it is time to rip it out. A modern, wall mounted surround with a state-of-the-art focal point fire will look awesome in your new design.

Wallpaper seems to be a thing of the past in the most modern settings. Plain painted walls give a neutral background to a few select pieces of wall art that are arranged in blocks.

It is time to jazz up the bathroom. Anew modern suite is a must so the expense must be endured. Modern bathroom basins can be bought online for a fair price, as can the latest designs in taps and accessories to enhance them. In your sparkling new bathroom, wall and floor tiles are a must.

If the kitchen floor hasn’t been included in your lamination project, tiles will be perfect for it. The cabinets and drawers can all be modernised by fitting new doors and drawer fronts.  Kitchens these days are sleek and clean. Use modern shiny doors and new counter tops to hide all of the old cabinets. When changing worktops, use the old one as a template for the new.

The greatest leap forward in lighting over the last fifty years is the invention of the LED bulb. LED lights cost very little to run thanks to low heat output of the bulbs. They are good for your pocket and good for the environment. They may be a little more expensive that other bulbs initially but easily pay for themselves over time. You will notice in any modern room that it makes use of recessed ceiling fittings. These can be dimmed and wired to separate circuits so different moods can be set using illumination. Use the smaller fittings in greater numbers for best effect.

If you are selling your home and moving to pastures new, a quick modernization may attract a higher sale price. But if you have done it for your own pleasure you can now relax in glorious, contemporary comfort. Go ahead, you earned it.


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