The Best Pre-Work Out Supplement: X2PERFORMANCE

 Disclosure: I am participating in a sponsored campaign for X2PERFORMANCE®. I received compensation for this post. While all opinions are my own,there is no guarantee that the product or my opinions will work for everyone, nor is it intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent disease.

So I’ve been working out, and struggling with staying at it after getting sick twice, and then having kids sick as well. It has not been a good start of the year for us. Just when I really start to feel like I have an awesome regimen down for my meals and my work outs, life throws us another punch and I’m down for the count. I’ve had enough! I am bound and determined that sicknesses is OUT of our house – and I am going to be back on a daily routine. Though there are sometimes curves in the road, I am on the right path to get where I want (and need) to be.

Right now I am working on just making sure I make it to the gym 3-4 times a week, to do something. On good days I hit the bike/treadmill/weights, on not so good days I do some quick cardio and hit the weights. (Better something then nothing right?)

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Weights are my favorite ‘secret weapon’. I wrote a post about 5 reasons why you should add weight training to your cardio work out – it is amazing how doing weight training along with basic cardio can actually increase the amount of weight you loose. (muscle vs fat – you know the drill).
My plan has always been to work smarter, not harder. This applies to weight loss, and to fitness. Be smart, think ahead. Many ways we do this is meal planning, drinking a glass of water before each meal (and before each work out). Not eating past 7 p.m., getting 8 plus hours of sleep, etc. It’s all these tips that help you become more successful without wearing yourself down.


One way I have started working smarter instead of harder is making sure to have a pre-work out supplement before I head to the gym. For my tanning friends, you know how laying in a tanning bed with a tanning lotion or bronzer makes a world of difference versus getting in the bed without anything? WIthin days you notice a difference if you are not using the bronzer and a friend is – they look like they’ve been on the beach, and you look like well, you’ve been laying in a tanning bed.
Well working out without a pre-work out supplement is the same. X2PERFORMANCE®
 is a pre-work out supplement made to naturally optimize your body with increased energy, enhanced endurance and also improved recovery. I am always leery of trying supplements because sometimes I feel like I trick my mind/body into believing that it’s working. But I took a serving of X2Performance about 45 minutes before every workout, 3-4x a week. The supplement is easy to take, a quick shot-like bottle that is pretty flavorful (I didn’t have to choke it down like so many others) and within 2 weeks, without even thinking, I noticed a renewed energy in myself. Especially when I was doing cardio. I also noticed that the pains I feel after weight training weren’t nearly as bothersome as before. My plans are to continue to take the supplements for a few more weeks and see how I feel then – I will make sure to keep you guys updated!

As part of my partnership with X2PERFORMANCE®  they are offering my readers a free trial! Go check it out, and once you’ve tried it let me know what you think.

(There is a small $5.95 shipping fee – totally worth it. If you aren’t interested in continuing the monthly subscription, just make sure to call (855) 438-6692 or email 
to cancel your subscription – even before your first shipment – with no obligation or penalty).


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46 Responses to The Best Pre-Work Out Supplement: X2PERFORMANCE

  1. Kristin says:

    I’ve done the protein shake thing afterward, but never anything before. Great idea!

  2. Myla says:

    Thanks for sharing! Looks very masculine. 🙂

  3. I have heard about things like this, but I haven’t tried one out yet. I like the idea of products like these – especially since I workout every day.

  4. Debbie L. says:

    I have not heard about this…checking it out. The trial looks like something I know my friend would like to try! Sharing!

  5. Never heard of this, but that doesn’t mean much.My idea of a workout is walking to the Post Office, lol.

  6. sippycupmom says:

    I sure could use some increased energy!I’m totally going to look into this!

  7. I’ve never heard of this, but it sounds wonderful!

  8. Chelsea says:

    I like that it’s in a quick shot bottle so you don’t really have to taste it!

  9. Shell says:

    My husband uses something like this before his workouts. It might even be this. I’ll have to take a look.

  10. brett says:

    I’ve only done protein shakes AFTER. never thought about before. interesting!

  11. I’ve never tried a supplement before working out! I need to get my body moving…maybe this would help.

  12. Jenni says:

    I think a pre-workout supplement is a great idea to give you a good energy boost. Sounds like X2Performance is a good one.

  13. Janel C. says:

    I have never heard of this but I am definitely intrigued by it. I am going to look further into the science of fueling before the workout. Thanks for the idea!

  14. Sounds interesting and I can’t wait to see how you do with it. I’ve never tried pre-workout supplements before.

  15. Sign me up for more energy, I am in dire need! Looks like a great supplement.

  16. I’ve been cross training with yoga lately. Two HOT yoga classes down! 🙂

  17. I think it is great that you are working out, and that they offer a free trial!

  18. I need to get my butt in gear and start exercising again! Summer is coming!! I am going to check out the free trial now, thanks!

  19. Rosey says:

    A free trial is nice. I’m passing the info. along to my grown sons to see if they’re interested.

  20. Felicia says:

    Thank you for the information. Also, thank you for the free trial.

  21. I’m always looking for something to improve my energy level and make workouts and recovery easier. Thanks for the information!

  22. Jaime says:

    I don’t think I’ve ever heard of this supplement. I’ve increased my weight workouts over the past 4 months and I’m so glad I did. I’ve always been a runner and now I feel like I’m becoming a stronger runner.

  23. I have not heard of this supplement. It is important to take the right supplements for the job.

  24. lisa says:

    I’ve never tried anything pre-performance, but I like the results you shared. Thanks for sharing the trial offer too!

  25. Interesting. I’ve never used anything like this and… iuno. Not really for me.

  26. Tracey says:

    Never heard of this but I work out a lot, so will look into it

  27. Krystal says:

    Very cool product. I need something that will boost my energy!

  28. I’ve never heard of this. It’s a great idea to boost a bit beforehand.

  29. It’s so hard to keep your workout when your family gets sick. I’d like to try this though.

  30. I hope your amily feels better soon! Just push through it – you got this!

  31. I feel your pain about the family. It always happens when you start working out. Either you or your children get sick..

  32. Catherine L. says:

    I’ve never heard of this, but it sounds like an interesting product for those looking for a boost of energy pre-workout.

  33. I’ve been shopping for a supplement but this is the first one that offered a free trial. I work out so I really need something to give me a boost – thanks!

  34. if only that helped with motivation. i don’ hate working out but I need more motivation

  35. I used to go to the gym but I have never used any type of supplement. Sounds like a great product for those serious about getting into shape.

  36. I’ve never tried prework out supplements before. A friend of mine swear by them and after workout protein drinks!

  37. Good for you for working out, no matter how much or little!!! My husband totally gets into this stuff. I’ll have to send him to look at this post.

  38. Hmmm I haven’t tried a pre-workout beverage. I might need to try this! Is x2 gluten free?

  39. Katrina says:

    Usually the only thing I take before a work out (or play date at the park) would be a few aspirins to be honest 😉 I like the fact you don’t have to choke it down; I know some of these energy or protein shots can be so gross!

    Thanks for the information, I hadn’t heard of this company before. I’ve got it open to check out now.

  40. alittlemoore says:

    I have done after workout supplements but not before. I will have to research this. Thanks!

  41. How do these workout supplements work for women?

    • Taylor, though it looks geared towards men this supplement is great for women even if you don’t do weight training. It gives you a natural boost of energy, helps with endurance while working out and assist your body in the recovery process after a workout. I recommend you give them a try, and see for yourself.

  42. parentinginnky2013 says:

    I have never heard of this. Thanks for sharing!!

  43. Lydia says:

    I’ve always wondered if something like this could be helpful with my running. Good to know it worked for you!

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