The Best Pre-Work Out Supplement: X2PERFORMANCE

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So I’ve been working out, and struggling with staying at it after getting sick twice, and then having kids sick as well. It has not been a good start of the year for us. Just when I really start to feel like I have an awesome regimen down for my meals and my work outs, life throws us another punch and I’m down for the count. I’ve had enough! I am bound and determined that sicknesses is OUT of our house – and I am going to be back on a daily routine. Though there are sometimes curves in the road, I am on the right path to get where I want (and need) to be.

Right now I am working on just making sure I make it to the gym 3-4 times a week, to do something. On good days I hit the bike/treadmill/weights, on not so good days I do some quick cardio and hit the weights. (Better something then nothing right?)

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Weights are my favorite ‘secret weapon’. I wrote a post about 5 reasons why you should add weight training to your cardio work out – it is amazing how doing weight training along with basic cardio can actually increase the amount of weight you loose. (muscle vs fat – you know the drill).
My plan has always been to work smarter, not harder. This applies to weight loss, and to fitness. Be smart, think ahead. Many ways we do this is meal planning, drinking a glass of water before each meal (and before each work out). Not eating past 7 p.m., getting 8 plus hours of sleep, etc. It’s all these tips that help you become more successful without wearing yourself down.


One way I have started working smarter instead of harder is making sure to have a pre-work out supplement before I head to the gym. For my tanning friends, you know how laying in a tanning bed with a tanning lotion or bronzer makes a world of difference versus getting in the bed without anything? WIthin days you notice a difference if you are not using the bronzer and a friend is – they look like they’ve been on the beach, and you look like well, you’ve been laying in a tanning bed.
Well working out without a pre-work out supplement is the same. X2PERFORMANCE®
 is a pre-work out supplement made to naturally optimize your body with increased energy, enhanced endurance and also improved recovery. I am always leery of trying supplements because sometimes I feel like I trick my mind/body into believing that it’s working. But I took a serving of X2Performance about 45 minutes before every workout, 3-4x a week. The supplement is easy to take, a quick shot-like bottle that is pretty flavorful (I didn’t have to choke it down like so many others) and within 2 weeks, without even thinking, I noticed a renewed energy in myself. Especially when I was doing cardio. I also noticed that the pains I feel after weight training weren’t nearly as bothersome as before. My plans are to continue to take the supplements for a few more weeks and see how I feel then – I will make sure to keep you guys updated!

As part of my partnership with X2PERFORMANCE®  they are offering my readers a free trial! Go check it out, and once you’ve tried it let me know what you think.

(There is a small $5.95 shipping fee – totally worth it. If you aren’t interested in continuing the monthly subscription, just make sure to call (855) 438-6692 or email 
to cancel your subscription – even before your first shipment – with no obligation or penalty).


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